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5 Outdoor Alternative Activities to Experience in Zante

Zakynthos, or Zante, is an enchanting Greek island known for its stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife. However, beyond the typical tourist attractions, the island offers many alternative outdoor activities that provide unique experiences for the adventurous traveler. Here are five must-try activities that allow you to explore the natural beauty and ecological diversity of Zante.

Visit Blue Caves and Keri Caves

The Blue Caves and Keri Caves are Zante’s natural wonders, accessible only by boat. These stunning geological formations offer visitors the chance to explore their hidden depths. The Blue Caves are famous for their striking blue water, which results from light refraction. The less-known Keri Caves in the southern part of the island are equally mesmerizing, offering secluded spots for swimming and snorkeling in crystal-clear waters.

Marathonisi Island

Marathonisi, or Turtle Island, is an uninhabited islet off the coast of Zante in the beautiful Laganas Bay. The island is a nesting ground for the endangered loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta), making it an important ecological site. Accessible by a short boat ride, Marathonisi is perfect for a day of exploration, with lush greenery, sandy beaches, and the opportunity to observe turtles in their natural habitat.

Visit Askos Stone Park

For those interested in the island’s flora and fauna, a visit to Askos Stone Park is essential. This wildlife sanctuary is home to over 200 species of plants and hundreds of animals, all living in a carefully preserved environment. Visitors can walk through the park’s stone paths, explore ancient olive groves, and encounter freely roaming animals like deer, peacocks, and tortoises, offering a peaceful retreat into nature.

Turtle Watching

Zante is one of the best places in Greece to go turtle-watching, especially in the protected marine park areas around Laganas Bay. The best time to see the turtles is early morning or late evening when they come ashore to lay their eggs. Guided tours are available, providing a respectful way to observe these majestic creatures without disturbing them, offering an unforgettable wildlife experience.

Boating and Water Sports

While Zante’s waters are perfect for traditional water sports, they also offer unique boating opportunities that allow for exploration of the island’s less accessible coves and beaches. Renting a small boat allows you to discover these secluded spots at your own pace, snorkel in hidden bays, or simply enjoy the sun and sea in a more intimate setting.

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