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The Local trademarks in Mykonos Island, Greece

Mykonos is famed for its picturesque beauty, bright sunny days, sandy beaches and wild nightlife but the island has so much more to offer. In order, to truly and completely experience the island you must not neglect the opportunity to visit some of its top landmarks, which symbolize the islands culture, customs and traditions.

“Petros” the Pelican

Petros the Pelican

Petros the pelican was baptized as the town’s official mascot and was considered as a permanent resident since 1954 when he was found after a heavy storm and decided to give up his migrating rights! The locals and tourists alike became so attached to “Petros” charming personality and charisma, that after his death, a replacement was quickly found! Petros’ predecessor has restored the Mykonian tradition and can be found around the town’s waterfront. Petros the pelican, is indeed part of the Mykonian residents and is treated as any other local.

The Windmills

Mykonos Windmills

It is a fact that nobody has ever visited the island of Mykonos and not stared at the majestic pure white windmills in awe and absolute amazement. These magnificent white soldiers, as they are known, have been one of the most recognized landmarks of the Cycladic island of Mykonos, which is also known as the ‘island of wind.’

Due to the island’s geographical position, situated on a significant sea-trade route, which in the past joined Venice to Asia and an abundant supply of wind, Mykonos was the perfect location for tired travelers to rest while the islanders refined their grain in the island’s mills for their remaining voyage at sea as early as the 16th century. The majority of the windmills were strategically positioned around the main harbor to provide easy access to the travelers.

The most famed windmills are those situated in a row on a hill overlooking the scenic Aegean Sea, known as the ‘Kato Milli,’ which in Greek means the Lower Mills.

Little Venice

Little Venice

Little Venice is famed as being the most romantic spot on the island and the ideal location to watch the breathtaking sunset. These rows of fishing houses stand on the waterfront with their balconies and basement doors facing the sea. As legend has it, they belonged to secret pirates who used to store their treasures.

Today most of the houses have been renovated and converted into petite art galleries and charismatic cafes and bars, where locals and tourists alike, enjoy their coffee or drink while staring into the blue sea.

Mykonos Theoxenia Boutique Hotel

Mykonos Theoxenia Boutique Hotel

Mykonos Theoxenia boutique hotel is your only choice concerning accommodation if you truly seek a holistic experience on what the island has to offer. Mykonos Theoxenia Hotel is famed as being the island’s jewel and renowned for its original design, succeeding in merging the island’s history with contemporary and modern design.  Mykonos Theoxenia boutique hotel, was originally built in the 1960’s and is currently viewed as “national preserved property” after a team of expert interior designers renovated the hotel, turning it into an innovative and glamorous boutique hotel while preserving its initial and original Cycladic architecture. Mykonos Theoxenia indisputably symbolizes the islands true nature, history, glamour and of course hospitality.

Mykonos does not merely offer blue waters, sandy shores, beautiful sunsets and fun. It is an island that has so much more to offer its visitors. Take the opportunity in indulging in the island’s identity by experiencing all its landmarks!