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If you are looking for holidays in Crete you have made a great decision. Crete is one of the hottest holiday destinations in Greece. Crete is one of the largest islands in Greece. Located in the most southern part of Greece, it offers a great selection of beach resorts and villages for making the most out of your Crete holidays. The island is well known from ancient years through the myth of Theses and the Minotaur. Surrounded by legends you will definitely have unforgettable holidays in Crete. For your holidays in Crete you can consider staying in Chania. Chania is the second largest city of Crete. Chania holidays are ideal for vacations throughout the year, since Chania has a warm climate, an interesting history and a rich culture making it one of the best destinations in Crete.

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Louis Hotels offers the best choice for Crete holidays. Our hotel is situated in Chania and it is one of the first all inclusive hotels in the area. It is located directly on the beach and is ideal for families. So if you are interested in taking holidays in Crete and specifically Chania holidays choose Louis Creta Princess hotel. Louis Creta Princess hotel in Crete promises unforgettable holidays in Crete.

It is said that millions of years ago, Aegeis, the dry land than joined Greece to Asia Minor, sank into the Mediterranean Sea leaving only its mountain peaks above the waves. This was the birth of Crete Island. As this is the largest island in Greece, it is divided into four prefectures. Louis Creta Princess is located in the Chania prefecture which is the westernmost prefecture of the island, characterized by its imposing White Mountain range and lush and green surroundings.

Chania, Crete: The capital of Crete is the town of Chania which has obtained a unique character from its past creating a merging of Venetian, Turkish, traditional and modern architecture. The main sights are in the old town which is concentrated around the picturesque Venetian harbor. The Firka Fortress is also worth a visit as well as the neighborhood of Splantia, filled with churches and museums. Furthermore, in the new town the Public Market and Public Gardens fill the city with color and life.


  • Chania Port Surrounded by busy tavernas, cafés and gift shops, this romantic harbour is brightened at night by a Venetian-era lighthouse.
  • Wine Country South of Knossos, the peza region is prime wine country. Visit Boutari’s stunning showroom for a tour and taste. Chania is home to a wide range of natural beauties which include the famous gorge of Samaria, which is 18km long and contains running waters and ponds. There are also numerous picturesque villages to discover, such as Elos, surrounded by forests and famed for its Chestnut Festivals. Furthermore, Crete is bursting with churches and monasteries waiting to be marveled. These include monasteries such as Agia Triada Zangarolon and the Chrissoskalitissa Monastery which is placed on an enormous black rock overlooking the serene bay. Additionally, just off the coast of Chania is an uninhabited, small islet called Elafonissi, where one can spend the day relaxing on the deserted beaches or exploring the islands flora and fauna.
  • Entertainment Iraklion, Rethymno and Chania have their share of a la mode nightclubs, but to experience the real Crete, look for presentations of traditional music and dance at tavernas or village festivals. Cretan dance and music is the most exuberant in Greece—no one can resist the spirit and enthusiasm of this most important aspect of local culture. After all, Zorba was from Crete! The prefecture of Chania, Crete is home to a wide selection of choices to keep you entertained throughout the day and night. Apart from water sports, sports activities also include deep sea diving, mountaineering, kite surfing and sailing. Furthermore, a stroll through the shops found within the villages can be a pleasant way to spend an evening as there is a large range of outlets from international brands to small quaint local shops. Local woodcarvings, potteries and traditional Cretan costumes are all things to look out for. Additionally, Chania, as well as Platanias and Paleohora are perfect places to spend the evenings as they are full of quaint taverns, trendy cafes and bars, and bustling clubs.
  • Local Specialties Apart from all the above reasons, what mainly keeps visitors coming back to Crete each year is the islands and inhabitants unique character. Local Cretans are known for their uncompromising pride for their origin and culture as well as their love for festivals, good food and great hospitality. The islands most prized possession is its famed olive oil, which is used as the base for the local cuisine and signature dishes, such as sun dried string beans in tomato sauce. The other famous specialty in Crete, Greece is the wide selection of cheeses and honey made throughout the island.
  • Cretan Kitchen Cretans insist on eating only what is fresh and locally produced. In fact, many restaurants grow their own vegetables and herbs. You’ll marvel at how a simple village salad can be so satisfying and you’ve never tasted such tomatoes! On the coast, enjoy the briny crunchiness of tiny fried fish called marithes. Inland, wild goat dishes and grilled chops from free-ranging pork are outstanding!
  • Olive oil For every resident of Crete there are 10 olive trees, and the oil they produce is the most prized in the world. It’s here that the wild olive tree was first cultivated thousands of years ago. The correct soil and the perfect climate create this unique oil, which is the basis for the famous Mediterranean diet. Don’t leave the island without a bottle!


  • Archaeological sites and monuments - Knossos Crete island has a rich history which reaches back to the Neolithic period where people first appeared on the island around 6000 BC. The most important historical factor of Crete is the domination of the island by the Minoan civilization for over 1200 years. Due to this civilization many ruins can be found on the island, the most renowned being the Palaces of Knossos, where one can find beautiful frescos and imposing architecture. Artifacts from all these civilizations can also be seen in several museums such as the Archeological Museum in Chania, which is housed in a 14 century Venetian church
  • Beaches in Crete Chania, Crete is home to outstanding beaches with long stretches of white sand and coloured pebbles. Some of the most famous are the Agia Marina Beach, and the Kalyves Beach which is one of the greenest locations in the area. If you are more adventurous, there are also plenty of deserted coves and lovely bays scattered along the coast to explore.