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Festive Celebrations at Louis Hotels

The Christmas season is the perfect time to be with your loved ones and get into the festive mood together. At Louis Hotels, we know how to create coziness and organize unforgettable Christmas and New Year celebrations.


Black Friday Deals 2023

Unlock this year’s black Friday offers!
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Hilton Nicosia: One of the Top Hotels in Nicosia

Nicosia, the capital city of Cyprus, offers a diverse range of accommodation options for travelers seeking a memorable stay. Among the top hotels in Nicosia, the Hilton Nicosia stands out as a luxurious and reputable choice. With its prime location, excellent amenities, and exceptional service, the Hilton Nicosia is renowned for providing its guests with a truly remarkable experience.


Discover the Ultimate Escape in Mykonos

Known for its blend of Cycladic charm and cosmopolitan energy, Mykonos entices wanderlust travellers with its turquoise waters, traditional, white-washed architecture, and lively nightlife.


Mykonos Theoxenia: The Essence of Greeknessence!

A member of Design Hotels, Theoxenia, is a verdant oasis, set within spacious and fragrant gardens and soaring views of the sea. Welcome on this vivid voyage of Greeknessence. Sensational. Indulgent. Exquisite.


Kerkyra Blue Hotel N’ Spa : A 5 star metamorphosis!

Now part of the Louis Hotels Elegant Collection, Kerkyra Blue Hotel N’ Spa has moved into a new epoch.


VOYA: Louis Hotels Exclusive Collection Magazine!

VOYA Magazine is responsible to transport you through time across five different destinations exploring culinary stories and mindful exercises.