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Why you should visit The Butterfly Valley in Rhodes

One of the many natural gems scattered across the Mediterranean, the Butterfly Valley in Rhodes lies on the western side of the island. Nestled in a picturesque patch of mountain greenery and rock formations, the Valley is approximately 20 minutes away from (by walk) the nearest village of Theologos. Home to millions of butterflies, which arrive at the end of their metamorphosis journey – living as both caterpillar and butterfly. Their life begins sometime in the rainy season, as the larva of butterflies hatches from their eggs, eventually becoming their dashingly colorful counterparts at the end of May. Interestingly enough the valley is their end destination as they seek brook-like wet paths and areas which even change into tiny lakes and waterfalls.

Peaceful Setting & Tranquil Experience

The Butterfly Valley is one of the most peaceful places in Rhodes. And not simply peaceful in the sense that there is a calm, relaxed atmosphere – all that’s included, however. The Valley is also tranquil as it is one of the most silent places you can visit in Rhodes. This is due to the fact that the butterflies rely heavily on energy stored from their previous lives as caterpillars, and thus, should not be disturbed. Even a sudden increase in volume could break their peace and flight will cost them precious energy. Even though it is mandatory to be quite quiet and not to make any loud, abrupt noises (like clapping), it’s what makes the experience that much more immersive, as well as soothing.

Connect With Nature

As nature places go, The Valley is probably one of the worthiest for a beauty price. Its stunning flora adds just that extra bit of splendor to the butterflies themselves. As if nature picked out the right colours for both, the contrasts complement each other in a truly unique way. A small river, named Pelecanos, flows down to a narrow valley, ending with a waterfall that tumbles into a green pool. The forest of zitia, is home to a tree type that excretes an aromatic raisin, supposedly one of the reasons butterflies are attracted to this particular area. The combination of the valley’s microclimate with its exceptional flora, creates the ideal environment for the breed of a large population of caterpillars, that live on the trees and feed from the tender leaves. The place where tiger moths of the species Panaxia Quadripunctaria gather during the summer. A species of butterfly which is commonly found in the Mediterranean.

Breathtaking Scenery

When visiting it almost feels like you’re on a set of a Peter Jackson movie recording another Tolkien story-based movie. The hilly walkways make for an amazing path, with trees scattered all around, merging into the rocks and water areas seamlessly. Hues of nature’s best colours make up a scene that soothes in just the right way. And of course, the thing everyone will probably notice upon arrival, the truly fresh air due to the cool yet humid temperature, mother nature’s ultimate air freshener.