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Cyprus: 5 outdoor winter activities to keep you active during your holidays

It doesn’t have to be summer have an amazing time in Cyprus. The winter brings along a multitude of exciting outdoor attractions. From nature trails to skiing in the mountains of Troodos, the island never fails to live up to the standards of an outdoorsy person. Let’s take a look at 5 winter outdoor activities, available to you during your winter holidays in Cyprus.

Some people wait an entire year for the winter so that they can enjoy the wonderous nature trails of Cyprus, without the pulsating heat that is more than familiar throughout most of the year. Whether you are looking to immerse in the staggering views of nature or looking forward to an exciting hiking activity or simply taking in the green area of Cyprus, Troodos is the right place to go. You can also venture on panoramic walks in the Akamas Peninsula National Park, situated near Paphos.

Cycling Routes
Cycling is also mostly a winter activity in Cyprus. Rent a bike and be on your way around the many cycling routes on the island. From moderate to demanding trails, swift through the divine coastline of Limassol. The route takes you through Governor’s Beach and heads towards the coast and westward towards Lemesos. Continuing along the entire coastline of the city, from the Molos area to the old port, to the Limassol Marina. This route is ideal for anyone wishing to partake in some physical activity, with the opportunity to admire the stunning city of Limassol and have a drink/food at any point of their journey. If you’re looking for something more demanding and with more greenery, consider the Geroskipou – Pafos (Paphos) Cycling Route. This 24km route goes from Geroskipou to the Monastery of Stavros Tis Minthas and the golf course, and then on to the village of Tsada, before ending in Pafos (Paphos). Or the Alaminos Mountain Biking Route, which starts from the beach of Alaminos and continues to the villages of Mazotos and Alethriko, before riding along the stunning uphill path that ends at the top of Stavrovouni, where the Holy Monastery of Stavrovouni is located, built on a rocky peak.

Skiing in Troodos
You may not even have heard about skiing in Cyprus up until this sentence. If that’s the case you definitely have to go! At an altitude of 1900 meters, you can enjoy the slopes by ski or snowboard. Two of the pistes are located in Sun Valley, while the pistes of Zeus and Hera are located higher up, being the more demanding due to the incline. Both areas can be used for ski lessons for all ages.

Coastline Jogging
The most exotic of guests arrive on the island of Cyprus in January. Tens of thousands of mesmerizing pink flamingos fly in onto the salt lakes of Larnaca and Limassol. These graceful birds offer a fascinating opportunity to admire them during your morning or evening jog. If you’re not that eager to travel the distance, the coastline cities are ideal for jogging, nonetheless. The coastlines of Paphos (starting from the Castle) and Limassol (starting from Molos) are also perfect for jogging and hiking.

Fishing boat

From fresh to saltwater, fishing is quite popular in Cyprus. Home to some amazing fishing spots, you can let your angling passion takeover when on this amazing island. Hosting a number of stocked reservoirs as well as exotic species in the sea around Cyprus, you can be sure to find some trout in the dams and a range of piscatorial options. For freshwater enthusiasts, over 20 reservoirs are open. The Yermasogeia Reservoir is located approximately 10 minutes from Limassol, where you can catch silver bream, carp, grey mullet, and other species. Asprogremmos Reservoir holds bass, catfish and trout among others. It is the closest reservoir to Paphos International Airport and is one of the largest dams in Cyprus. The sea around Cyprus holds more than 250 species of fish, including snapper, amberjack and tuna. Boats and fishing gear can be rented at fishing shelters and stations on the island’s shores.

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