When in Chania

When holidaying in Chania, the most enchanting city of Crete, do not pass on the chance to tour the fabulous quaint villages of the area. Crete has a manifold of ancient mountainous and coastal settlements which have managed to escape from the mass development of tourism and maintain their Cretan authenticity. You will surely be charmed by the unique architecture, narrow winding alleyways and locals’ genuine hospitality and charisma. Crete is a stunning holiday destination and characterized by its beauty, deep-rooted traditions, and culture. It is a home away from home! Let’s take a look at a few natural and traditional areas you must add to your bucket list.

Sfakia Village lies on the hillsides of the White Mountains, overlooking the stunning coastline of Crete. The quaint and historic village is so charming you will be spellbound. Sfakia is located approximately 70 kilometres of Chania. The village is known for its delicious local cuisine and cheese production such as the local anthotiri and mizithra, which both kinds are to die for! All traditional taverns and charismatic cafes are found around Sfakia’s scenic port. Sfakia is an incredibly traditional Cretan settlement that mesmerizes you with its quaint beauty. Simply strolling through the narrow alleyways of the village’s centre will convince you of its magic! Once you have explored Sfakia, the remarkable cliffs of Imbros and Samaria Gorge, located near the village are also well worth your visit!

Imbros Gorge is found near Sfakia and is considered the second most popular gorge on the island after the Samaria Gorge of course! During the summer months, thousands of enthusiastic walkers visit the stunning gorge daily and set on hikes and adventures! The actual hike is not ranked as difficult and can be completed in merely 2-3 hours, making the trek an ideal outdoor activity for families with young children! The magical scenery you will encounter on your walk will blow your mind away!

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