5 Must-See Landmarks in Mykonos

All you folks, who have never been to Mykonos, should drop everything and hop on the next plane to the island! People ask the same question every single time, why Mykonos? The answer is obvious guys! Mykonos has been a top holiday destination since the 60s, its stunning coastlines, Cycladic architecture, unique landmarks and attractions and cultural heritage. Go on, the time has come to get a taste of Mykonos!

4 Must Visit & Do in Protaras

We have all dreamed off jetting off to a faraway tropical island where the sun shines and the waters sparkle for miles on end right? What if you know the faraway tropical island dream is not so far away after all? Protaras is hottest summer destination that makes your dreams come true! Stay tuned and find out all you need to know about dreamy Protaras!

2 Must-Visit Museums in Crete

Greetings to all travel enthusiasts! Crete is a paradise on earth. It is the undisputed heavyweight champion of holiday destinations. This magnificent island of Greece combines all the essential ingredients for a quality vacation that will satisfy all your needs and desires. Throw into the mixer sunny beaches, refined resorts, golf retreats, amazing attractions, countless activities, rich history, great nightlife, excellent cuisine and you will end up with the spicy and delightful Crete. Today we will take a look at a few museums everyone enjoys visiting in Crete!

Cyprus Easter

All celebrations in Cyprus tend to be big and festive. It’s not Cypriot unless it’s big, loud, involves loads of food and family. The bigger the celebration the better it is! Easter is no exception to the rule, and besides the religious side, where everyone attends mass like three times a day till Easter Sunday, there are certain features linked to Easter that cry out Big Fat Easter in Cyprus!