Christmas in Limassol

Limassol is one of the best summery holiday destinations of our times, but did you know it is also the perfect Christmas destination? Whether you’re travelling with friends, family or your better half, Limassol should definitely be your number one Christmas destination! Let’s take a look at why!

Top Reasons to Holiday in Zakynthos

Have you made your holiday plans yet? Where do you go when seeking for fun-packed sunny days, glorious bays, natural treasures and poolside cocktails? What’s the point of going on holiday if you don’t enjoy every aspect of it? While surfing the internet on places to hop to, only one destination pops that offers all the features a holiday carries-it’s Greek, it’s an island, it’s rich in cultural heritage, it’s stunningly beautiful and has the most amazing bays you have ever set your eyes on-it’s Zakynthos of course! Let’s take a look at the top landmarks every visitor must visit when in Zakynthos!

10 Reasons to Explore Amathous

Amathous was one of the richest city-kingdoms in Cyprus boasting with Byzantine churches, Roman Baths, ancient Hellenistic palaces, prehistoric walls and temples. The city was founded more than 3000 years ago, and the archaeological site was discovered in the 19th century, surfacing significant remnants left behind by ancient civilisations. In line with legend, Ancient Amathous was named after Amathousa, who was the mother of a Paphian King. Findings have shown that the city-kingdom thrived from the 10th century BC till the 7th century AD. The city was continually attacked by the Saracens, but in the end, fell in the hands of King Lionheart who was the British English King, in 1191.