Lip-licking Quince Jam

Did you know that the Mediterranean diet is considered the gold standard of diets? Some of the first studies noted Greece as one of the original sources of the diet, with the Cretan diet believed to be the purest form. Fruits and vegetables are sources of vitamins, minerals, and fibre, becoming the second major food group of the Mediterranean Nutrition Pyramid and Diet. Today Louis Hotels will teach you how to make Quince Jam!

Three Top Landmarks in Rhodes!

The Greek island of Rhodes is a top destination for everyone’s holidays, not only for the picture-perfect beaches and landmarks it has to offer, but also for the range of activities available to do on the island! The island combines the old world with the new. Rhodes is certainly worth a visit since it is guaranteed no one will be disappointed and will leave full of wonderful memories!

Protaras – A haven for all

A beach resort with a difference, Protaras is beautiful to behold but also fun to experience! Its stunning coastline, cliffs and caves give way to a lively social atmosphere amid unlimited relaxation and entertainment options. Fondly referred to as ‘the land of the windmills’, the charming landscape of Protaras was dotted with quaint windmills before it expanded to become a favourite holiday destination. Today, its white sands and transparent crystal waters are what attract visitors to its main beaches at Fig Tree Bay and Konnos Bay.