Polis Chrysochous, Cyprus


One of the most magnificent gems of Cyprus

Polis Chrysochous Polis Chrysochous Avakas Gorge Polis Chrysochous Polis Chrysochous

Polis (the Greek word for “town”), is one of the most magnificent gems of Cyprus, located on the northest of Paphos district, near idyllic sites and close to the area where the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, used to meet her beloved Adonis. Polis is located near the well-known Akamas Peninsula, famous for its Baths of Aphrodite as well as the renowned Latchi.

The whole of Polis Chrysochous is a field with unique natural beauties, amazing viewpoints and mountainous paths for long walks and moments of inspiration and rejuvenation. It is the area that exceptionally combines the clearest blue waters next to raw natural beauties. It is also ideal for those who wish to do activities while on holidays. Every year, the area is filled with local and foreign visitors who come to enjoy the peaceful and gorgeous setting of Polis. Overall, if you wish to escape from the stress and routine of daily life in a quiet and friendly atmosphere, Polis is the place to be.

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  • Akamas Peninsula This small town is close to the stunning peninsula of Akamas, where you can go swimming, hiking and cycling. The Akamas area is perfect for walking tours which aim at nature observation such as the Adonis Path, Ayiasma Path, Aphrodite Path, Pissouromoutti Path, Smiyies Path and the known Avakas Gorge.
  • Latchi You should definitely visit Latchi area where you can enjoy fresh fish at one of the numerous fish taverns and restaurants, swim in the crystal-clear waters of the area and even go fishing in the picturesque port of Latchi.
  • Baths of Aphrodite Baths of Aphrodite is one of the most known places of interest in the whole island. After Latchi, towards the end of Akamas, one can find the covered in green cave at the end of a short trail. The mythology reports that goddess Aphrodite took her bath there where she also met her lover, the charming Adonis. The water is believed to have relaxing and refreshing capabilities. The area is very famous and thousands of tourists, local and foreigners, visit it throughout the year.
  • Avakas Gorge Avakas Gorge was created thousands of years ago by a river in the area. This 3 km gorge is considered as one of nature’s masterpieces, offering amazing views and experiences as the trails go through sheer rocks on both sides of about 260 feet in height. In this area hikers have the chance to view the in-danger-of-extinction plant, the centauria akamantis, whose flowers blossom in the spring. Also, the area is rich in wild life as one can find foxes, rabbits, owls, hawks, butterflies and many reptiles. Visitors must have the appropriate equipment as the hiking takes place on uneven ground and some minor climbing may be required. The gorge is highly recommended to walk by either late afternoon or early morning when the light piercing through the gorge is just magical.


  • Aphrodite Nature Path The path is one of the most beautiful routes one can visit in the area of Paphos. It is circular and the starting point is at Baths of Aphrodite. The length of the path is 7.5 km with an estimated duration of 3-4 hours. This path has a high degree of difficulty (level of difficulty is 3). The route has difficult terrain with sudden changes in gradient (uphill and/or downhill), course along particularly rough and/or slippery, and/or narrow, and/or steep terrain. It is suitable for adults in generally good to very good state of fitness.
  • Ruins of the Pyrgos tis Rigainas (Queen’s Tower) Ancient ruins which are believed to have belonged to a medieval monastery. It is worth mentioning the huge centuries-old oak tree which can be seen at the picnic site, where drinking water is also available.
  • Adonis Nature trail The trail follows a rising path to the hill known as Moutti tis Sotiras (370m) and offers breathtaking views along the way.
  • Smigies Nature Trail and Picnic site A wonderful picnic site, with an altitude of 200 meters and a capacity of 500 persons. The Nature Trail and Picnic area Smiyies has an altitude of 200 meters and a maximum capacity of 500 persons. It is situated in Polis Chrysochous – Neo Chorio – Akamas road, 7 km from Polis and 2 km from Neo Chorio next to the dirt road leading to Akamas forest.
  • Marion - Arsinoe Archaeological Museum Have a look at the treasures of the museum and follow the historical development of the area from the Neolithic and Chalcolithic periods to the Medieval period.
  • Church of Ayios Andronikos If you are interested in the Byzantine history of Cyprus you can drop by the Church of Ayios Andronikos, near the traditional square of Polis. The church has unique wall-paintings which date from the 16th Century. When the island was under Ottoman occupation the Church served as a Mosque.