Cypriot Breakfast: a gastronomic experience set in the memory of tourists

The emergence of gastronomic particularities is vital for the tourism of every country in the world, let alone the tourism in Cyprus. Despite the fact that the main poles of attraction in the island are the golden sand beaches and the sunny weather, the taste delights are the thing that will enrich the tourists experience, thus imprinting the sweetest memories in their minds.

The majority of the hotels are already investing part of their expertise for the creation of special meals which are made for the taste satisfaction of the tourists. Thus, it is inevitable for the hotels to introduce new ideas in order to acquire a gastronomic identity.

The most successful, as proved, of these ideas is that of the creation of the Cypriot Breakfast. The Cypriot Breakfast, which has been inserted and it is now served in 39 hotels all around Cyprus, is the original recipe that has managed to establish the introduction of the Cypriot cuisine in tourism industry. Its main features include the Mediterranean character, the diversity of tastes but also some gourmet dishes. The products consisting the Cypriot Breakfast also vary in kind and origin. The feast of tastes that the Cypriot Breakfast causes has smells that diffuse and stimulate the senses.

Materials with identity, intoxicating smells and tender textures create a sweet and lickerish touch to the Cypriot dishes. Some of the best-known foods of the Breakfast are halloumi (Cypriot cheese), shioushioukkos, machallepi, pasteli and loukoumia and those originate from the authentic and traditional character of the Cypriot cuisine. It also includes many pies, with dreamlike smells, such as halloumi pie, pumpkin pie olive pie and tahini pie and many other delicious sweets. The traditional Cypriot recipes combine with the gourmet element given to them by specialized chefs. In that way, the dishes obtain an authentic identity. The combination of all these contribute to the formation of the best memories for tourists.

The import of the Cypriot Breakfast, which in now established as an institution in many Cypriot hotels, is an initiative of Louis Hotels. The idea was born in 2015 and broke all the incumbents in the hospitality and tourism sector as tourists’ experiences and expert reviews were very positive. The Louis Hotels catering team takes credit for the discovery of the Cyprus Breakfast. Their inspiration was the intoxicating scents and the enchanting pictures of the natural landscape of Cyprus, as well as the traditional Cypriot cuisine that makes up a great part of the island’s culture. The purpose of this launch is not only to promote the Cypriot gastronomic culture but also to promote the tourism industry in Cyprus through the added value acquired by the hotel gastronomy. Additionally, Louis Hotels has received a gold medal at the Gastronomy Exhibition – HO.RE.CA. 2017 for the Cyprus Breakfast, a confirmation of the quality and success of this recipe.

All these successes and recognition became the trigger for the adaptation of the idea of the Cyprus Breakfast by the Cyprus Tourism Organization which introduced this successful recipe in many hotels all around Cyprus. In this way, as tourists are leaving, they capture their tasteful experiences, and this makes Cyprus a special culinary destination.