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Why you should visit Kalithea in Rhodes this summer

Kalithea in Rhodes might be precisely what you’ve been looking for if you’ve ever wondered what paradise looks like. A Greek island known for its magnificent sites and stunning scenery, Rhodes boasts some of the best visual experiences for visitors. Part of that experience is Kalithea. Situated on the island’s eastern side (only 42 minutes away from the world-renowned Lindos). The area beams with beauty. Read on to discover all of its gems.

Kalithea Beach

A walk’s distance away from the city of Rhodes. Kalithea beach is a tourist hot spot. Not only that, but it is also a natural movie set chosen by directors worldwide to film their film’s scenes. Surrounded by pine and palm trees, the area of successive beaches is a paradise package offered exclusively by nature. Named after the restaurants located at each beach, the points-bays beaches go by Oasis, Nikolas, Tassos and Kokkina. Be sure to see them all and discover your favorite one this summer.

Kalithea Springs

The thermal springs of Kalithea were used during ancient times for their beneficial properties. Today they have been fully restored and tastefully refurbished into an oasis of architectural and cinematic beauty. The entrance fee is 3 euros for adults and 2 euros for 12–18-year-olds. Once there, you can get a glimpse at the unique mosaics and the magnificent Rotunda and Atrium. Bringing you back in time to nostalgia of an era long gone yet preserved. You can also often witness wedding ceremonies at the springs during the summer. Who knows, maybe that’s your wedding venue too.

Anthony Quinn Bay

In the 1960s, a famous actor named Anthony Quinn came to Greece to film the movie ‘The guns of Navarone’, filming some of the scenes at this specific beach. Eventually, the beach’s name was changed from ‘Vagies’ to Anthony Quinn Bay. We don’t know precisely why the name changed, but we understand why the actor and directors decided to film there. The bay is picturesque in every sense of the word. From its turquoise waters to the rocky shore and surrounding cliffs, the bay is one of the top spots in Rhodes (and Greece) to visit during the summer. If you come at the right time, you can enjoy the magnificent setting practically all by yourself.

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