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4 lifetime experiences you should not miss when you visit Mykonos Theoxenia

4 lifetime experiences – among many more – await at Mykonos Theoxenia. A hotel that reimagines its premises; continuing a five-star legacy that began in the swinging 60s. Mykonos Theoxenia surprises every guest with high aesthetics grounded in its classic Greek soul. Discover four of our unforgettable lifetime experiences you should not miss during your visit to Mykonos Theoxenia.

Scuba Diving

For scuba diving enthusiasts and newcomers alike, Mykonos is a place that allows you to discover the remnants and treasures of the Ancient Greek and Roman Empires. Dive into the silent waters of the Mediterranean to marvel at the amphoras and pots from a bygone era. Still intact, they remain on the seabed as recollections of history’s gems. The underwater world of Mykonos awaits.

Yoga on Board

If you love yoga and you love to surf, the Yoga on Board experience is just the thing for you. Enhance your spirituality and sense of being with this growing trend. Overseen by a qualified instructor and set in an idyllic bay, we offer our guests and adventure that combines physicality with pleasure and mindfulness.

Sunset picnics

Sandy beaches, friends, food. Your Pura Vida experience starts with a sunset picnic. Low-key and free from time constraints, stay deeply in tune with the spectacular beauty of the Aegean landscape. Create lifelong memories in an unforgettable setting.

Cocktails in the making

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make the best quality cocktail? Mix and mingle for a night of fun with our mixologist. Make friends, discover new recipes, and learn the tips and combinations which will elevate your cocktail-making to the next level. Your cocktails, your flavours, your personality.

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