Limassol vs Paphos! Time to choose!

Cyprus is a magical winter destination you must add to your travel bucket list! The cultural heritage, ancient and natural landmarks, local cuisine and locals’ hospitality make it the ideal holiday destination. But, which city should you visit, Limassol or Paphos?

Limassol’s Promenade vs. Paphos Old Harbour


Are you in Miami? Of course not, you are in Limassol! Limassol’s Promenade reminds all visitors of a smaller version of Miami’s coastal road, dotted with soaring palm trees, with a backdrop of the long seaside and sparkling blue sea, which create a spectacular setting for both children and adults.



Strolling leisurely along the Paphos Harbour is a must when holidaying in the city. The old harbour is dotted with tiny fishing and sailing boats, cafes, traditional taverns and lively bars making it the ideal spot to enjoy a romantic dinner for two or fun night on the town! The views of the blue sea are enough to mesmerise you!

Limassol’s or Paphos’ Medieval Castle


One of the most dominating structures you’ll come across is Limassol’s Medieval Castle. The ancient fort was initially built by the Byzantines around 1000 AD. This is where Queen Berengaria of Navarre married Richard the Lionheart in 1911. Currently, the Medieval Castle is home to a fascinating Medieval Museum which exhibits interesting tombstones, coats of arms, carvings as well as pottery and other medieval artefacts.


Paphos Medieval Castle decorates the Old Harbour of the city. The grand-like fort was built by the Lusignans in the 13th century. The Ottomans and British dismantled and restored the fort during the passage of time at different time periods. The impressive castle reveals Paphos’ turbulent past and narrates intriguing stories.

Limassol’s Archaeological Museum vs. Paphos Archaeological Park


Founded in 1948, the Limassol Archaeological Museum is the most visited museum in city, exhibiting artefacts as far back as the Neolithic Age to the Roman Period. The three rooms that make up the museum contain artefacts that project the rich history of Cyprus. The first room exhibits tools and pottery found at Amathus and Kourion, dating back to 3000 B.C. till 1300 A.D. The second room displays sculptures and jewellery that originate from 1700 B.C. while the last room presents important artefacts, mostly excavated from the Amathus site, such as the statue of Artemis.



Towards the west of Kato Paphos lies the archaeological site of Paphos. Wondering through the ruins of past civilisations will surely force you to reconsider your life. The glory and pride these ancient temples, monuments, stadiums and sanctuaries exude can’t be compared with any other feeling. The ancient city you will explore was founded towards the end of the 4th century, and was encircled by huge stoned-walls, as all city kingdoms were then. The city was known globally as the political, religious and cultural hub of the ancient world. The most impressive ruins are the mosaics found in the elaborate Roman Palaces depicting scenes of Greek mythology.

So what will it be Limassol or Paphos?