Wintery & sunny Paphos!

In ancient times, Paphos was the capital city of Cyprus. The city was where famed city-kingdoms thrived. The city’s past glory has not faded, as Paphos is still considered the cultural hub of the island, welcoming travellers from all around the world, who seek to discover its attractions, timeless villages and stunning coastline. Although the majority prefer travelling during the summer, Paphos is an equally wonderful destination in winter, making it an all-year-round holiday destination! Let’s take a look at three top landmarks everyone should visit when in Paphos!

The Old Port of Paphos is an all-year-round hot spot that every tourist must add to their to-do list! The picturesque port is home to one of the most impressive medieval forts in Cyprus, Paphos Castle, which stands proudly within its timeless glory. While walking along the harbour visitors can view the tiny kaikia (fishing boats) swaying by the harbour, busy locals going about their daily routine, busy cafes and traditional fish taverns that serve amazing dishes.

Paphos is a beautiful oasis when it comes to natural landmarks. The city is home to picture-perfect landscapes, awesome beaches, and green-covered nature trails that call upon all nature lovers to explore. Akamas Peninsula should be a top priority on every visitor’s bucket. Akamas is a massive nature reserve where visitors discover rare flora and fauna as they walk through its nature paths. The famed Diarazou River and Paphos Forest are also top spots to visit!

Commandaria Wine is Cyprus’ most popular and ancient wine. The sweet red wine was first made in the 12th century by the Knights of St. John. Presently, there are 14 timeless villages, named the Coumandarie Villages that still produce the red wine. Those visiting the city must definitely take a day and explore these amazing villages and get lost within their cobbled-stoned alleys and sip on coummandaria. Everyone who has already been to the Cyprus countryside will say they were heart-struck by the local’s warm hospitality and the inspiring Cypriot architecture that is still preserved in the villages.

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