Wintery Cyprus!

Most think of Cyprus as a summer destination due to the amazing beaches and sunny days, but the island is also a wonderful wintery destination where tourists enjoy the beautiful unspoiled nature, snowy mountains, and lots more! Although Cyprus’ winters are usually mild, do not underestimate how cold it actually gets and make sure you pack lots of warm clothes!

Skiing is definitely a sport the majority do not associate with Cyprus, but believe it or not, the Troodos mountains are indeed a popular destination during the winter months. Even if you are not the type to try skiing or any other adventurous sport, the snowy and beautiful landscapes are worth visiting as the setting seems to be taken out from a wintery fairy tale.

Another popular activity during the winter season is sightseeing! The weather is ideal to hop from one cultural landmark to the next and discover the island’s rich cultural heritage. You can explore the plethora of UNESCO churches with ancient wall paintings in the mountains or the famous Paphos mosaics!

Cyprus overflows with hiking trails and challenging biking paths further inland. The Troodos Mountains are one of the best regions to put on your hiking boots and set off on adventures. One of the most preferred is the Kaledonia Nature Trail, a 3-km uphill hike that will lead you through pine forests and running streams that end at the Kaledonia waterfalls.

The best things you can do during your winter stay at Protaras are walk up to the chapel of Profitis Elias, take a road trip to Ayia Napa, visit the caves of Cape Greco and hire a quad bike or buggy for some new adventures.

There is so much more to Cyprus than sun and sea. The island is correctly described as being a multi-layered destination due to its rich history, customs and traditions, exquisite cuisine and natural beauty. Regardless of the time of year you decide on visiting Cyprus, you will always have plenty to do and see. If you are a history lover you can embark on an exploration and discover the island’s many ancient ruins, if you are a nature lover you can set off on hiking tours by choosing a few out of the hundreds available, if you are a food lover you can wander the traditional mountain villages and stop to feast at the many traditional taverns you’ll find along the way!