Why choose Limassol

Coastal Limassol is Cyprus’ celebration town, where the annual festivals are prelude to a city that never sleeps. From its vibrant, long promenade to the exuberant nightlife and shopping, Limassol is cosmopolitan and exciting, making it a top destination to holiday any time of the year!

The Royal Apollonia, a 5-star hotel located right on the city’s sun-kissed coastline is definitely the hotel to choose!

The coastal Promenade is a winner amongst jetsetters who get to view the glistening blue sea and golden beach as they walk along the palm-tree decorated path. The bustling and vibrant cafes, hip bars and trendy shops opposite the Promenade also charm the visitors who tend to take a break after their stroll and have a quick bite and drink.

Limassol is undeniably the cultural and artistic hub of Cyprus. Those looking to get a taste of Limassol’s unique artistic flair should visit the one-and-only Sculpture Park on the shoreline, where 20 wonderful sculptures are exhibited in open-air.

This grandiose 14th century Medieval Castle carries a 4000-year-old story, as it has witnessed the city’s turbulent past, faced enemy invasions and survived thousands of attacks! On a bright note-Richard the Lionheart and Queen Berengaria of Navarre tied the knot right here!

The Pantopoleio (Local Market) lies in the heart of Old Limassol (Saripolou Square), where during ancient times locals used to gather and sell their goods and locals produce. The square and surrounding area has been restored and life once again fills the old marketplace and the streets of Limassol’s Old Town. No Limassol holiday is complete if you haven’t strolled through the cobblestoned alley ways of the charming and picturesque Old Town.

Limassol is surrounded by many charming villages and one of the most favoured is Omodos, with its winding, cobblestone streets and village square where visitors will find the ornate Holy Cross church. Once a monastery, this historical landmark is now open to visitors. Another favourite is Kolossi Village, which is home to a dominating 15th century fort known as Kolossi Castle. Indications have led experts to believe that the standing castle was built in the identical spot of a 13th century Byzantine fortress!

Limassol is home to diverse kinds of bays and every visitor is bound to find the one that best suits their taste! Limassol is the island’s cosmopolitan hub; therefore, it is only natural that some of its beaches have been converted into real party hotspots. Those looking for some fun and party will not be disappointed! Those seeking less action-packed scenes are also in for a surprise as the city hides some of the most private, scenic and stunning beaches in the world. Top of my list are Governor’s Beach, Lady’s Mile as well as Lourres and Voupa Beaches!

Stay tuned for more on Limassol next month!