When in Protaras

Without a doubt, Protaras is the most famed tourist destination on the island offering visitors ample of places to visit and activities to engage in! The town is small and may be explores easily by any means of transport. You will surely be impressed by its stunning Caribbean-like beaches and charismatic shops. Nonetheless, the island is filled with opportunities. If you wish to take a day off from the beach, you have an endless list of choices to choose from. Have fun!

Just a short boat trip away from Protaras lies the protected and stunning Cape Greco, which is a protected nature park located on the south-east edge of the coast! The whole experience is thrilling and unforgettable! You have the chance to explore the green-blue waters of the area by snorkelling. All the equipment is provided by the boat staff. Also, do not let the opportunity slip you by and climb the huge rock you will encounter. You may get tired, but the sight from the top of the rock is simply breathtaking and worth the climb!

Hiking in Protaras is a fabulous way to explore nature and the sea offered in the small tourist resort! The circular hike starts from the incredibly scenic beach of Konnos and follows the coast towards Cyclops Cave. On the way back you have the option of either returning from the same path or taking a similar course but on another pathway. During the trek you will hike extremely close of the island while enjoying breathtaking views of the scenic Cape Greco peninsula and the famed Saint Anargirous Church. You will also come across some of the local flora and fauna. When reaching the Cyclops Cave, even though small, you have the chance to enter it and exploring the cave from the inside!

Ayia Thekla is a small and charming coastal village south of Protaras. It took its name from the ancient church found at the village named, Ayia Thekla (Saint Thekla). The church is one of the oldest landmarks of the area dating back to the Middle Ages. According to historic facts the church suffered great destructions in the hands of the foreign invaders that reigned over the island in the past. The village is a quiet and charismatic coastal village, offering its visitors extraordinary scenery of the surrounding landscape. The beach found on the coast of the village is stunning and breathtaking. You have the chance to relax in a serene natural landscape while enjoying the sunny day and blue waters!

Protaras offers its visitors a range of activities to do and places to visit all through the year. Most think of this unique town as a summer destination, but it is actually one of the most preferred areas to take a vacation during the other seasons of the year. In this way, you have the chance to experience another aspect of the town, its authenticity, which after all is what makes it shine! As for accommodation, do not worry because Louis Hotels runs 8 hotels and villas in Protaras!