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Top 4 activities to do in Protaras during winter

The winter season is not usually associated with sunny weather and sandy beaches. That’s what makes Cyprus the perfect mid-season destination, its all-year-round sun-filled sky. Protaras is among many desirable places to visit on the island. Offering more than just a walk on the beach, it lets you diversify your holiday trip. Let’s take a look at some of the top five picks for some ideal visits at Protaras.

Profitis Elias Chapel 

There are many attractions on the island worth seeing. The Chapel of Profitis Elias in Protaras is one of them. The church was built in 1984 on the site of a smaller chapel from the Byzantine era. If you ever wanted to travel back in time, this place is an ideal historic spot. Visible from kilometers away, the sight becomes more adorned the closer you get to it. To truly experience its marvel, you need to climb the 156 stairs toward heaven. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the 360 ° view, covering the gentle highlands and snoozy seaside. If you choose to visit the chapel during the sun setting, the winter season will reward your climb with a collage of pink and orange scenery. Make sure to bring your phone charged and the camera app open.   

Cape Greco 

Cape or Capo Greco is a sight with a multitude of wonders surrounding it. The Kamara Tou Koraka is no different. This naturally formed bridge in the south-eastern tip of the island has a height that exceeds 15 meters, while its width is just about 7 meters. If bridges aren’t your thing, Cape Greco offers 9 nature walks for hikers. The scenery is one of a kind and definitely isn’t a boring one, quite the opposite. The Aphrodite Path is dotted with an amalgam of beige rocks and tobacco-colored sand, complemented by the verdant underbrush.   

Ayia Napa 

Ayia Napa, simply referred to as Napa, is a must go in Cyprus. Most people visit the place for its beaches but if you are not a winter swimmer you can still capture the sea at its best. Imagine, white sand, palm trees, and crystalline water. The beaches are accessible and clean, making them ideal for families. Let the weather grasp your curiosity and the scenery attract your attention.       

Scuba Diving 

Let’s talk about diving, and no we don’t mean holding your breath for 4 minutes’ type of diving. Scuba diving is a fantastic leisure activity, especially if you take a dive in the area of Protaras. There’s no need to worry about the cold either, the temperature during the winter season ranges from 15 to 17 C–let your wetsuit take care of the rest. Offering over a dozen dive sites, Protaras is a go-to location for the novice as well as experienced divers. The scuba diving experience ranges from an Atlantis like statue microcosm at Green Bay, to uncharted cave passages­­­ of the Cyclops Caves. The Zenobia wreck (residing at a depth of 30 metres) is a fantastic dive site, holding the title of the world’s 4th best dive location. The abundance of sea life dissuades you from ever going to an aquarium if the choice is between that and the real thing. Green turtles, lionfish, octopuses, you name it and there’s a high chance you’re going to see it.  

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