Say ‘OUI’ to a Mykonos Honeymoon

Mykonos is a Greek Island made for honeymoon sweethearts. Newlyweds find everything from breathtaking sunsets and gorgeous scenery to whitewashed towns and golden-brown beaches, but each destination carries something special and unique. When it comes to Mykonos, there are a number of features that make it stand out from other top honeymoon destinations! So, without further delay, we present the top 6 reasons to honeymoon in Mykonos!

Mykonos main town, Chora, is a paradise waiting to be discovered. A true labyrinth, made up of cobblestoned alleys and Cycladic-style homes, its streets invite newlyweds to lose themselves within it and explore its every corner.

Sure, every destination has its unique landmark. For Paris it’s the Eiffel Tower, for New York it’s the Statue of Liberty and the list goes on. But there is nothing more romantic then enjoying a glass of wine with the 16th century Windmills as backdrop. Is it their grandness, their sun-beaten white colour, their history, what they symbolise? We can’t pinpoint the reason exactly…they are simply breathtaking!

Mykonos most romantic quarter, Little Venice, is exactly what its name connotes-Venice! Imagine an area dotted with colourful two-storey buildings with tiny balconies lingering over the glistening blue water. The antique homes date back to the 16th century and as legend has it they belonged to secret pirates who needed easy access from the sea to hide their stolen treasures!

From traditional Mykonos dishes like gamopilafo or local delicacies such as louza and kopanisti to international favourites like French steaks and Italia pastas, newlyweds will certainly have a feast when in Mykonos. Whether it’s a gourmet dinner by the sea or a souvlaki on the run, the island’s setting and flavours are perfect for intimate candlelit dinners or casual bites.

Mykonos is renowned for its golden-brown bays and blue crystalline waters. There is a beach to suit every taste and mood! Looking for something glamorous and cosmopolitan, head for Psarou, where you will be treated like movie stars while sipping on scrumptious cocktails. Looking for something more intimate, Agia Anna is a haven-like oasis made for you. Those looking to get a taste of Mykonos wild side should head for Super Paradise where the partying sets in early and lasts till nightfall.

No matter how many sunsets you’ve watched, they always have the same effect-absolutely intoxicating! Mykonos is reputed for its breathtaking sunsets. One of the best places to sit back and enjoy the view is from Panagia Paraportianni. The breathtaking view of the sin dipping into the horizon is enough to make you fall in love all over again!

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