Nature at its best in Crete

Crete is undeniably one of the most beautiful islands you will have the pleasure of visiting, boasting with jaw-dropping beaches, blossoming gorges and hidden caves and valleys.

Let’s take a look at a few of Crete’s hidden natural treasures.

Samaria Gorge is the longest gorge across Europe spreading over 16 kilometres. Hiking through the unique gorge holidaymakers get to view the island’s rare flora and fauna as well as wildlife. The gorge is home to Crete’s Kri-Kri mountain goats as well. The walk may seem endless, but the outcome and experience are unforgettable and well-worth your effort and time.

Vái Palm Grove Beach is a palm tree-covered valley that stretches all the way across a golden-white beach! The one-of-a-kind valley and bay attract thousands of tourists and locals alike with its green-covered palms, sandy beach, and emerald waters! Opposite the bay are small islets adding to the area’s beauty.

Diktaian Cave is considered as one of the most significant cult attractions dating to Minoan times. As legend has it, Diktaian Cave is where Zeus, the Father of the Greek Gods was born and raised by Amaltheia and Kouetes. The cave is also linked to other mythological myths and stories. Some say this is the place where the seer Epimenides slept.

Preveli Beach is an outstanding attraction in Crete, nestled on the southern edge of Rethymno. The small blue lagoon was formed by the union of the famed Megapotamos (big lake) which stretches to the Libyan Sea. The lagoon is known as limni (lake) amongst the locals. It is a lovely spot surrounded by palm trees and blossoming landscapes.

That’s all for now Crete lovers! Stay tuned for more on Crete and remember to choose your favourite Louis Hotels? Louis Creta Princess Aquapark and Spa!