Free walking tours to all guests visiting Paphos!

Visit Pafos is introducing a FREE walking tour to all guests visiting Paphos City. The period that the tour will be on is November & December 2019 , March & April 2020  and it will be taking place every Thursday.

Tours start on the  07th of November 2019 from the “MARKET” bus stop in the Old town Pafos. Clients will need to go by public bus or other mean of transportation to the bus stop “MARKET” the latest at 09.15

There, a Tour guide will be waiting clients for the Walking guided tour. Printed leaflets are distributed these days at the hotels. Please see here relevant information, the leaflet and contact details for reservation.

Reservation is required at least 24 hours in advance.
Clients will need to cover their own expenses to go to the Market and vice versa