Destination Wedding-Is it for you?

When brides and grooms-to-be start planning their wedding, one of the first decisions they must make is WHERE to have it! Destination Weddings are the new trend, they are exciting, fun and unforgettable, but are they for you? We have put together Ten Reasons couples opt for a Destination Wedding to help you decide! Read on guys!

  1. The World is your Limit! You can choose to get married anywhere in the world. How about Cyprus? We’ve heard it’s great this time of year!
  2. Destination Weddings are Casual Events. You can get married in your swimming costume…it is allowed!
  3. Destination Weddings mean Less Wedding Decorations. Sure, you will need to add some wedding décor to your venue, maybe some flowers or candles, but having a destination wedding within a breathtaking setting, like a stunning beach means you’ll save a bundle on wedding decorations.
  4. Destination Weddings are Stress Free. Most destination wedding venues offer their wedding planning service which means the bride does not turn into a Bridezilla, the wedding is cost effective and the couple get to actually enjoy their wedding day without getting a loan to pay for the reception.
  5. A Destination Wedding is a Bargain! Think about it, you get a wedding, a holiday, and a honeymoon all in one! Plus, think of all the time you will save on organizing three different events?
  6. Destination Weddings are Intimate Events. There is no way everyone you know will be able to fly thousands of miles just to witness your wedding. So, automatically your guest list includes only your closest and dearest friends and family.
  7. Destination Weddings mean Reunion Time! When was the last time you had all your peeps in one place, let alone on holiday? Opting for a Destination Wedding is a great excuse to have a holiday with your closest friends.
  8. Destination Weddings mean Fantastic Wedding Pictures! Look around you…you are in paradise! Whether you choose to tie the knot on a golden bay, green-covered valley, or ancient amphitheatre, wherever you turn you face beauty. What better way to make sure your wedding pictures turn out awesome!?
  9. Destination Weddings are Flexible! This means that it is entirely up to you to choose the day and time you prefer to tie the knot. You can get married on a Monday or Wednesday…at dawn or dusk…it is up to you because guess what…when you are on holiday every day is the weekend.
  10. Destination Weddings are Unforgettable Events! Dare to stand out and make your day an unforgettable experience your friends will talk about for years to come. Not everyone chooses a Destination Wedding, not everyone dares to be different, and not everyone has it in them to turn their wedding into an epic wedding!

What do you say? Do you have it in you? Are you a Destination Wedding kind of person or what? If you are contact Louis Hotels Weddings & we will help you plan your dream wedding day!