Crete & Food, the Perfect Combo!

Every country in the world is famed for its traditional gastronomic dishes or certain delicacies, and Crete is no exception! During your holiday, experience life as a local Cretan and endeavour the island’s mouthwatering traditional dishes. You will definitely be impressed by the delicious taste, flavours, and beg for more.

Dakos Salad is Crete’s famous salad. To make this delicious and refreshing salad, Cretans use a large piece of barley rusk, which they dip in water and leave to dry. On the top of the barley rusk they place a mixture of native produced ingredients. The mixture includes finely cut tomatoes, olives known as tsakistes and fennels, a tablespoon of lemon rind, mizithra (a locally produced soft cheese) and virgin olive oil. The result is amazing!

This next dish requires lots of preparation, but the result is absolutely worth it. Lamb and yoghurt! First, the lamb is washed and seasoned with salt and left to marinate overnight in the fridge. The following day the meat is wiped dry and stuffed with garlic. Then it is covered with olive oil, seasoned with pepper and thyme and roasted in an oven until the lamb is ready.  Then the juices of the lamb are beaten with yoghurt and eggs and put back into the lamb, where it is then returned to the oven until the yoghurt sauce thickens. The dish is exquisite and must be tried!

An incredibly delicious delicacy in Crete is none other than Snails with Eggplants! Snails in Crete are cooked in many variations, but one of the most famous recipes is snails with eggplants. This dish is made by frying the chopped eggplants and onions in olive oil until they gain colour. Then grated tomatoes and snails are added to the mixture and cooked till they boil. Once the mixture comes to boil, water and trahanas are added and continue to cook until the dish is ready! The dish is absolutely scrumptious!

Kalitsounia are well-known miniature pies that are made on the island using a variety of stuffing. The most renowned to tourists is Kalitsounia made with the local cheese of Crete, mizithra. The mini pies are stuffed with the soft cheese, chopped onions, spearmint and grounded coriander. Then they are baked in the oven after they have been brushed with egg and sprinkled with sesame seeds. These are most known in Chania, so they have been named the Kalitsounia of Chania. The taste is marvellous!

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