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Beach Touring in Cyprus!

It is a well-known fact that Cyprus is surrounded by the deepest blue-green and sparkling waters of the world! The island is packed with small, secluded bays but also crowded cosmopolitan beaches, suiting all its visitors’ tastes and moods! There is nothing better than holidaying on the island and hopping the beaches dotting its glorious coastline!

Protaras Beach- Fig Tree Bay

Protaras is the ideal place to vacation when seeking to enjoy the sun and sea. Fig Tree Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches found in Protaras and is much preferred for its sparkling blue-green waters and soft golden sand. For those seeking to avoid crowds, Konnos Bay, which lies in a tiny cove surrounded by imposing cliffs, is the choice to opt for. The scenery will mesmerise you!

Limassol Beach- Kourion Beach

Kourion Beach is famed as being one of the largest and most spectacular beaches in Limassol. The ruins of the Ancient Kourion Amphitheatre are located on the peak of a high hill right next to the shore. Water sports such as hand-gliding, windsurfing, sailing and much more are available. The beach tends to get over-crowded especially during the peak of the summer, so make sure you arrive early!

Larnaca Beach-Mackenzie Beach

Larnaca’s shoreline offers its visitors splendid stretches, which are probably its most famed attraction for tourists visiting the area. One of its most crowded and preferred coasts is Mckenzie Beach where you will meet splendid crystal blue waters and a long sandy bay ideal for those travelling with friends, families, and couples! The area is not only renowned for its splendid waters but also its buzzing atmosphere. Mckenzie is dotted with impressive and lively beach bars, cafes and restaurants offering heaps of fun till morning hours!

Paphos Beach- Blue Lagoon

The crystal blue waters in this tiny bay are so extremely vivid and blue that you are able to clearly see the seabed underneath. Located in the Akamas Peninsula, the bay is only accessible by boat. The waters in this area are so inviting, refreshing and azure that you will want to swim for hours. Do not let the opportunity pass by and go snorkelling to explore the beautiful sea life underneath.

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