Akakiko by the Sea

What’s more refreshing than Asian fusion cuisine? Cold salads and amazing sushi are just some of the limitless options offered for anyone visiting Akakiko restaurant at The Royal Apollonia, in Limassol.

Combining carefree holidays, incredible weather, and good vibes from early July everyone is invited to wander into gastronomic paths with flavors carved in the depths of the centuries, from Far Eastern countries such as Japan, China, Thailand, Korea and Taiwan. Located inside the ?he Royal Apollonia Hotel, Akakiko, is literally inside a five-star environment.

The panoramic sea view beautifully blended with the minimalistic décor creates a warm, intimate atmosphere.

The imaginative and colorful menu is enriched with sweet, savory, spicy or sour flavors, satisfying all tastes. Asian cuisine lovers can try sushi, noodles, salads, soups, vegetarian meals as well as other meals including beef, pork, chicken, duck and much more. Everything is prepared in front of you, with fresh ingredients so that quality is secured, and meals are served fast.

All official instructions by governmental authorities have been followed to ensure the health safety for guests and staff. The crew follows strict procedures and all protocols ensuring that you enjoy the unique experience that Akakiko restaurant famously offers.

For more information and orders please call at  77778022 or visit  www.akakiko.com.cy