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7 must-does when Crete

Crete boasts with amazing cultural and natural landmarks. There is so much to see and do that most holidaymakers cannot decide what to visit. We are here to make your lives easier! We have put together 7 must-does every visitor should do while vacationing in Crete! Read on & enjoy!

  1. Set off on an exciting hike through Crete’s Samaria Gorge. Renowned as the longest gorge across Europe, the walk along the canyon amazes all adventure seekers with its raw beauty, pine-covered forests, sheer cliffs and dominating mountains!
  2. A definite must-visit amongst culture seekers is the famed Minoan Palace of Knossos. The ruins of the ancient site surfaced in 1900 when Sir Arthur Evans found the ruins of the historic city during excavations. Walking through the ancient site is truly a once in a lifetime experience as the temples, rooms and monuments of the city-kingdom are brought back to life.
  3. Upon leaving the Minoan Palace of Knossos, head for the amazing Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, recognised as one of the most insightful museums in all of Greece. The time-transporting experience takes visitors 5500 years back in history with artefacts originating from the Neolithic to the Roman Periods.
  4. Crete is surrounded by marvellous crystalline blue waters and soft sands, making it a top destination amongst beach lovers. one of the most stunning bays is Elafonissi, renowned for its pinkish-white sands and shallow blue lagoon. You can also visit the nearby Ayia Irini Lighthouse and ragged Monastery of Chrysoskalitissa.
  5. After four centuries of occupation in Crete, the Venetians undoubtedly left behind their mark. One of the best-maintained Venetian castles is found on Spinalonga Island. The island is also recognised as the Leper Island since this is the place Greek lepers were sent after being diagnosed with the fatal disease until 1957
  6. The beautiful Balos Lagoon, known for its soft white sands and shimmering turquoise waters is one of the most stunning sites found across Greece marking the beach as a definite must-visit.
  7. Known as the cultural hub of Crete, Chania boasts with theatres, museums, and art galleries every cultural vulture should visit. The ancient coastal town is made up of Turkish and Venetian buildings transporting all visitors to other eras. A stroll across the picturesque harbour will have you hooked in no time. Make sure you visit the town’s Venetian Lighthouse and Turkish Mosque found in the harbour area.

There you have it, folks! The 7-top must-does in Crete…stay tuned for more on Crete. As for your accommodation, Louis Asterion Suite & Spa is the resort to go for!