6 Must-Visit Attractions in Limassol

Ancient sites, golden-brown bays, and emerald waters as well as rich cultural heritage co-exist harmoniously in Limassol, making it every tourist’s paradise. Glam tourist resorts by the coast and archaeological sites are features travellers expect to get a taste of after travelling thousands of miles! We have a surprise for you-all this overflow in Limassol. Now you have the time to plan and add all the attractions you will want to visit on you Limassol bucket list. Let’s check out 6 must-see attractions every visitor must add to their bucket-list.

Limassol’s 14th century Medieval Castle carries a 4000-year-old story, as it has witnessed the city’s rich history, faced enemy invasions and survived attacks! Did you know that Richard the Lionheart and Queen Berengaria of Navarre got married at Limassol’s grandiose Medieval Fort?

Besides being a place of spirituality, the ancient church of Saint Nicolas of the Cats, is an area packed with cats. Is this a coincidence? Of course not! As legend has it, the cats which have taken over the area are in fact descendants of the cats Saint Helen brought in the 4th century AD for the purpose of getting rid of the many snakes which had flooded the area at the time.

Limassol has long been marked as the cultural and artistic hub of Cyprus and a prime example of this is the city’s Sculpture Park. Those looking to get a taste of Limassol’s unique artistic flair should visit the one-of-a-kind Sculpture Park exhibited along the city’s coastline, where 20 wonderful sculptures are exhibited open-air.

The Local Market, known locally as the Pantopolio, is found in the heart of Old Town Limassol (Saripolou Square), where during ancient times locals used to gather and sell their goods and local produce. The square has been restored and it seems as if the bustling liveliness of the past once again fills the old marketplace and the streets of Limassol’s Old Town. No Limassol holiday is complete if you haven’t strolled through the cobblestoned alleyways of the picturesque Old Town.

Limassol’s Medieval Museum is an inspiration to all its visitors. The thrilling museum is housed in the city’s 14th century Castle and displays artefacts and relics dating between 400-1870 AD. Some of the most fascinating findings include ancient statues, terracotta, paintings, armour, and pottery dating back to the Ottoman Empire.

No holiday is complete without spending a few days on the beach, right? Well, Limassol is the right place to be when looking for a beach holiday! The city is surrounded by a diverse kind of beaches, so every visitor is bound to find the ideal beach for them! Limassol offers party beaches, relaxed beaches, organised beaches, and serene beaches. Thus, those seeking fun and beach parties will not be disappointed while those looking for less action-packed scenes are also in for a surprise as the city hides some of the most private and stunning beaches in the world. Top of our list are Governor’s Beach, Lady’s Mile as well as Lourres and Voupa Beaches!

There you go folks! 6 top attractions to add to your bucket list next time you are holidaying in Limassol. Don’t forget, the five-star Royal Apollonia is the ideal hotel to experience Cyprus hospitality!