5+1 Reasons to Visit the Akamas Peninsula

The stunning Akamas Peninsula is Cyprus’ most natural region renowned as an area of spectacular, unmanned scenery, golden-sandy bays where turtles visit to nest, emerald waters, timeless coastal villages, and green-covered hills where the Cyprus mouflons wander. If seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of crowded beaches, connect with nature as well as soak in the beauty of the island at its epitome, Akamas is the place to head for. We have put together a mini-guide of 6 sights you must visit when sightseeing in Akamas.

The famed Baths of Aphrodite is where Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, used to bathe under the shaded fig tree. There are many legends tied to this natural pond. The most popular belief is that whoever drinks from the water will be granted eternal beauty. Others believe that whoever has a sip of the water will fall in love with the next person they set their eyes upon!

The curved sandy beach of Lara Bay is perhaps the most beautiful beach in Cyprus as its rough beauty remains untouched and undeveloped. Besides being a nature lover’s paradise, defined by its scenery, Lara Bay is also a nesting beach for turtles which take over the sandy cove every year to lay their eggs.

The area of Latchi was once renowned for being a sponge-divers harbour. Even though, sponge diving is scarce today, the village’s harbour transports each and every visitor to the past. The port is dotted with charming and colourful fishing boats tied on wooden jetties. The pebbled-sandy bay and crystalline blue waters tempt all to have a swim while the plentiful traditional fish taverns lure all visitors with the smells of freshly cooked fish dishes.

The Neolithic Village of Lempa is said to be the village where the first islanders chose to settle approximately 5500 years ago. Besides its timeless beauty, tourists must visit Lempa’s Chalkolithic dwellings, which were reconstructed by archaeologists to mirror the stoned dwellings islanders used to live in.

Polis is probably the most fast-developing area found in Akamas. Nonetheless its recent tourist booms the town preserves its traditional charm and laidback character. Polis’ archaeological museum is worth a visit as its collection includes artefacts and remnants found in the ancient city of Arnisoe as well as Marion. Furthermore, the town’s church, Agios Andronikos, is home to fabulous frescoes.

Agios Georgios is located a top one of the most stunning areas in Paphos known to all as Cape Drepano. The fabulous church is decorated with elaborate mosaic floors depicting sea creatures. The Byzantine church was once one of the most visited and important churches on the island.

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