5 Zante Attractions Everyone Loves!

Zakynthos, also known as the Fior Di Levante, meaning the ‘flower of the East’ is undoubtedly the Ionian archipelago’s gem. With its green-covered mountains and emerald-blue waters, Zakynthos attracts visitors to uncover its natural treasures and cultural heritage. Zakynthos has long been a hot tourist destination for a simple reason; it exceeds the expectations of even the most discerning since it has it all from sun-kissed beaches, cypress-covered landscapes and timeless villages to bustling towns, inspiring museums and historic sites. We have put together 5 top attractions every traveller will simply love visiting after the quarantine is old news!

Zakynthos Town is Zakynthos vibrant and cosmopolitan capital, the ideal place to spend the day exploring while on holiday! Zakynthos Town is best explored on foot as it is the only way you can uncover each of its corners and treasures. The town overflows with grandiose-like squares, Neo-Classical buildings and a lively port surrounded by lots of cafes, bars, and bistros.

Saints Dionysios Church is Zakynthos most celebrated church. The grandiose cathedral lies on the shoreline of Zakynthos Town and is dedicated to the island’s patron saint, St. Dionysios. The church was constructed in 1948 and luckily survived the horrific earthquake of 1953. The towering bell tower of the cathedral is so high you can easily be spotted from everywhere on the island regardless of your position. The church overflows with impressive frescoes, vibrant colours, and luxury lamp holders.

Navagio Beach is Zakynthos most popular natural landmark. The golden cove is encircled by towering white cliffs that highlight the emerald waters of the golden bay. Navagio Beach is also known as the Shipwreck Bay because of a ship that is partially buried within the sand of the sheltered bay. There are many myths regarding the boat found within the waters of the bay. The most popular narrates that the ship was smuggling illegal cigarettes and, in its attempt, to flee authorities it sunk within the bay.

When in Zakynthos a must-visit landmark is Dionysios Solomos Square which features several inspiring statues and busts. The most famous statue is that of the Greek national poet, Dionysios Solomos, who is the writer of the Greek National Anthem.

Another famous square is Saint Marco Square, where you will find the fascinating Museum of Dionysios Solomos & Andreas Kalvos. The museum opened its doors in the late 1950s and exhibits the poets’ inspirational work, pictures, and unique manuscripts.

Amongst the finest natural wonders of Zakynthos are the Blue Caves which are natural rock formations of caverns and arches. It is said the blue waters glisten for miles on end and are so clear you can see right to the bottom. The inspiring caves are only accessible by boat and must be added to your bucket list when in Zakynthos.

Zakynthos Island has been blessed with all year long sunshine and is home to blossoming landscapes and golden-brown bays, making it one of the hottest holiday destinations of our times! What are you waiting for? Start planning your next holiday, and don’t forget, Louis Hotels’ runs two amazing resorts in Zante you will simply love! Choose Louis Plagos Beach or Louis Zante Beach and we guarantee you will have a memorable holiday!