5 Top Reasons to add Crete on to your Travel Bucket List

Crete is a replica of Greece, that is all we love about Greece is found in Crete, only in a smaller version. No matter who you are travelling with, either with friends, family or lover, Crete will captivate you instantly. Is it the island’s rich cultural background, its je ne sais pas charm, the welcoming locals or the island’s glorious sun-kissed bays, glistening sea and endless list of things to do and sights to visit? Whatever the reason, Crete has been and will remain to be one of the top all-year-round holiday destinations in the world! Let’s take a look at five top reasons Crete is your next summer destination.

Inspiring Towns: What especially marks Crete is a wonderful tourist destination is its unique culture, which seems to remain untouched by time. Crete fuses the old and new so perfectly, that it is hard to escape its magical grip. Crete is home to numerous old towns, where although the buildings and stoned alleys seem to have been taken out of a medieval scene, they are vibrant and bustling with life luring the crowds in to lose themselves within their cobblestoned alleys. One of the finest and most charismatic is Chania’s, whereby its narrow-winding streets are filled with treasures and surprises.

Rich History & Culture: Crete is where the ancient Minoan civilisation and culture was born and thrived. The impressive Palace of Knossos is one of the most visited sites in Greece as it symbolises the glorious past of the country. Apart from the Palace of Knossos, Crete resembles an open-air museum which showcases infinite ancient ruins, soaring castles, impressive temples as well as old picturesque harbours and fascinating architecture that transport you to ancient times.

Beach Paradise: The island is surrounded by a fabulous diversity of bays and beaches, making your summer holiday exquisite! Each bay offers something different that you are bound to find the exact beach for you, ranging from small isolated coves to bustling spots. Elafonissi and Balos should be top of your Beach List, as both seem to be taken out of a paradise-like postcard.

Nature Lovers: The Samaria Gorge National Park is all the reason you need to hop on a plane headed for Crete. In fact, the 10-mile natural park, which overflows with natural beauties, is a sight for sore eyes. If heaven was on earth, Samara Gorge would be it! the park overflows with wonderful waterfalls, rare flora and fauna, mountains as well as unique wild animals.

Cretan Cuisine: Food is part of the Cretans culture, philosophy and way of life. Food is not just numerous dishes placed on a table, but rather an experience and passion. All traditional dishes are made with love, adding to its delicious taste. What’s more all dishes are made using pure and natural ingredients like olive oil, fresh greens and herbs taken from the fields of the island. Dining is a ritual, where families gather around the table to socialise and indulge in the flavoured dishes. Some of the specialities every visitor must try when in Crete are Dakos Salad, Chaniotiko Boureki and Gamopilafo!

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