5 Reasons to Say Oui to Destination Weddings!

First things first-CONGRATULATIONS for getting engaged! Having said that it’s high time we get down to business! Now, we all know that a bride-to-be dreams of this moment her entire life, right down to the last details, like what heels she’ll wear! The more you think about your wedding day the more you realise you don’t picture yourself saying I do at home. Images and flashes of exotic destinations by a golden bay, with the sound of waves in the background during sunset pop into your head! We’ve got news for you…this ain’t happening unless you plan on having a Destination Wedding!

We are here to give you the push you need in fulfilling your dream wedding, so read on and find out the top 5 reasons why you should tie the knot away from home!

  1. Destination Wedding doesn’t send you to the poorhouse!

Destination Weddings are much more budget-friendly in comparison to traditional weddings. Unbelievable but true. Just think of it for second-less guests means cheaper wedding! Guests who attend Destination Weddings are a handful of people, usually close friends, and family, so the cost of hosting such a small wedding is much less than normal weddings.

  1. Wedding Party last for Days

Why go into all the effort of planning a wedding that lasts for one day? Why not have a Destination Wedding and treat yourself to a couple of wedding days? Destination Weddings last for 3 to 5 days, allowing the couple to keep dreaming and enjoying their wedding. You have the pre-dinner, the actual reception, the after-wedding party and the list goes on!

  1. Step into your Honeymoon

You tie the knot and had the time of your life? You don’t want to leave? Step into your honeymoon! Most couples who opt for a Destination Wedding combine stay a few days in the same location for their honeymoon! This saves them from any extra planning and it’s much cheaper! Why leave your dream wedding setting anyway?

  1. Shy Bride or Groom

If you are one of those brides or grooms who hate being in the spotlight, a Destination Wedding is made for you! Avoid being stared at by hundreds of eyes while stepping into your new life! Your day is just as real and special when witnessed by a handful of close friends.

  1. Less Work-More Fun

Destination Weddings may seem like lots of work, but in reality, they are much less exhausting to plan than traditional ones. Talk to our people, tell them your vision, save time and money, and leave the rest to us! Once you have booked your date, all you need to worry about is showing up looking fabulous!

If you are on the way to making it official, consider holding a Destination Wedding! It may be something you never thought possible, but it is! With all the benefits a Destination Wedding carries, it will definitely be the wedding day you have always dreamt of and more so! All you have to do is say OUI to a Destination Wedding and leave the rest to us!