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4 romantic escapes in Cyprus

When we think about February, we think about love and romance, right? In February we celebrate Valentine’s day, we celebrate love. Cyprus is the island of Aphrodite, the ancient Goddess of Love and there so many romantic places to see or do.

Wine Extravaganza Road Trip  

The wines in Cyprus just hit different, especially if you enjoy them with your loved one. Their heritage is unique and immersive at every instant. Some of the best local wines are produced non-commercially by the locals themselves. For couples seeking a romantic escape and an adventure, taking a drive around the Limassol district is an ideal way to discover some of them. One place to start would be the hospitable village of Pareklissia. A 15 to 20-minute drive from Limassol will transport you to a completely different setting. Grass fields and low hills paint the scenery and set the scene for a pleasant picnic with your partner. The beautiful mountain village of Farmakas is only an hour away from Pareklissia. One of the best wineries in Cyprus resides here. The wine selection, tailored for all, including those with a taste for romance. Their Malaga Classic white wine beams with floral aromas and romantic notes, making it the perfect drink for a couple.

Aphrodite’s Rock 

The birthplace of the goddess of love and beauty herself, Aphrodite’s Rock, is located on the pebbly shore of Paphos. According to local legend, anyone who swims close to the rock will be blessed with eternal beauty. Greek mythology aside, the vivid scenery, clear waters, and beautiful beach are very tangible. When you and your partner finish admiring each other, take the time to take in the magnificent view of the white cliffs on the horizon, especially during the sunset.

Days and Nights at The Beach

Cyprus is home to many secluded beaches, making it the ideal romantic escape for any couple seeking one. A perfect getaway from the crowds and parasols is the Pachyammos ‘Blue Flag’ beach. It allows couples to enjoy each other’s company on a private stretch of sand amidst truly serene scenery.

Limassol by Night 

In the 12th century, Limassol was famed for Commandaria wine and the center of commerce and transportation during the medieval era (1175-1507 AD). The city is a tourist hub for those who come to experience its unique culture. Renowned for its city life, Limassol is full of bars, cafes, and restaurants that stay open until the early hours. The stretched-out seafront makes it ideal for romantic walks on the beach, while the quaint streets of the old town are perfect for a stroll after dinner or a night out.

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