3 Reasons to Visit Limassol this summer

Limassol is the second largest city on the island of Cyprus and is often described as a city that radiates energy and joy! It is positioned between the two-ancient city-kingdoms of Amathus and Kourion. It is known as being the centre of wine and has established itself as the most preferred tourist attraction on the island which caters to a diverse variety of tastes and preferences, thus guaranteeing your holidays will be memorable! It is by far the most idyllic holiday resort because of its splendid sandy coastline, high standard of services and endless activity and recreational options! The locals are known to be fun and welcoming! What else do you need? Pack your bags!

For the culture buffs- The Museum of Olive Oil

The island is known for the pure local goods they cultivate and produce! One of the most distinct local produce is the olive oil, which has been an essential ingredient in the Cypriot cuisine since ancient times, but also an exporting good! Visit the Olive Oil Museum and get acquainted on how this precious product is produced! Found on the outskirts of Anogyra Village, high up on the peak of a hill the Olive Oil Museum will introduce you to the history of olive oil where you can even observe the process of how it is made. The entire experience is fascinating and should not be missed!

For the beach buffs – Armonia Beach

Limassol offers its visitors a variety of beaches ranging from isolated bays to rocky coves and party-hub beaches! All are stunning in their own way and are enjoyed by thousands of visitors each year in search of their favourite beach! Armonia Beach was named after Harmony, by far the most suiting name it could have been given! Harmony prevails when on the beach. The bay is the idyllic location to chill amid a tranquil and peaceful surrounding! Enjoy the stunning views and swim in glistening waters.

For the nature buffs – Waterfalls

The waterfalls on the island are scattered throughout the mountains and are remarkable to say the least! Although small, there beauty is breathtaking and well-worth your visit! The waterfalls are located in the midst of nature, deep in the forests, where visitors can enjoy a hike or stroll through the woods to view the majestic and refreshing creation of nature!

Where to stay? The Royal Apollonia Hotel offers its visitors exquisite services and manifold of facilities to make your stay on the island unforgettable. Enjoy your holidays!