2 Must-Visit Corfu Museums

Corfu’s past conquerors have influenced the island’s culture. Corfu was established as the cultural and intellectual hub amongst the Ionian archipelago. In the past, Corfu also prospered in other fields such as the arts, trade, and economy. Look at two of the most impressive museums everyone should visit when holidaying in Corfu.

Casa Parlante Museum is undeniably one of the most fascinating museums found in Corfu Town. The museum first opened its doors in March 2014 and is well worth your visit. Housed in an amazing 19th century mansion, the museum showcases ancient furniture as well as animated figures, demonstrating how a noble Corfiot family lived during that time. Visitors who wander through the house are transported to the 19th century, as they enter the world of nobility and discover how the noble families lived in a mansion with their servants and maids. The robotic animated figures, household decorations as well as archaic furniture stimulate everyone’s senses as they are taken back in time. Some of the scenes exhibited in the museum include the Countess welcoming guests, the Count reading a newspaper as their children are busy playing music or drawing.

The Museum of Asian Arts was founded in 1927 and is housed in the Palace of Saints Michael and George. In 1919, Grigorios Manos donated his entire collection of Asian art to the Greek government on the condition that the artwork would be showcased in the Palace of Saints Michael and George. The collection consisted of approximately 10000 pieces. Later, two other worthy collectors, N. Hadjivasiliou and C. Chiotakis, donated 450 and 341 artworks, respectively. The museum’s collection demonstrates Asian artwork where visitors encounter view Chinese porcelain, bronze sculptures, and wooden carving as well as Japanese pictures amongst other Asian treasures.

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