17 Funny Reasons every Woman should say ‘YES’

Do you enjoy your single life and would never dream of tying the knot? Here are 17 funny reasons you should reconsider!

You can politely decline dates from weird men with the line, “Sorry but I’m married” rather than, “I have to wash my hair tonight.” Honesty is always the best way to go!

You get to go out more often when you are husband and wife; you get invited to all his friends’ dinner parties as well! More parties…Yay!!! Let’s just hope they are the fun type.

You will never have to dress up for a guy or look your best to score a date. For all, you care you can grow into a couch bum and not care…your soul mate has vowed before god and family he will take care of you forever.

You’ll never be in the awkward position of explaining why you are still single! Your ‘plus one’ is for life…till death do you part!

You have your own personal cleaning slave…and you don’t have to pay a dime for his services! Modern men help around the house. It’s called equality!

No more taking out the garbage…it’s a man’s job!

You get to add a few other excuses on the list for receiving a present…wedding anniversary, first date, first kiss, anniversary of the date he popped the question…and the list goes on and on!

You have an excuse to avoid boring family-gatherings, “Sorry, but we can’t make it tonight, George is out of town on business!”

You will never be scared of being alone again…you will always have company, even when you don’t want it.

Your bank account will double…it’s way better spending two salaries rather than one, right? Shopping time is on!

You will never fear an argument will end in a break-up again. “It’s till death do us part mate!”

You get to have a few Botox sessions with your hubby’s new insurance plan! Yay for you!

You get to have an excuse for ordering family bucket meals even though your husband is out of town on business – “I’m not eating alone mate!”

You don’t have to wash the dishes every single night…you’ve got help! “Dear it’s your turn to do the washing up!”

Your disapproving mother won’t visit you as much…she doesn’t like your hubby. Problem solved!

You’ve got a babysitter on standby at all times – “They’re your kids too!” This is always the best excuse!

Finally, you get to have someone who doesn’t dare challenge your decisions…or else he has to run for his life!


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