10 top things to look forward to when spending Christmas in Paphos

Christmas is usually a really stressful period where most drown in decorating the house, the Christmas tree, baking, presents and the list goes on and on. Here is an idea…Why don’t you leave and spend Christmas in sunny Cyprus this season? Take a look at 10 reasons you should spend Christmas in Paphos, Cyprus this year!


1.Christmas festivities are held for 2 weeks!

For Cypriots, Christmas starts on December 24th and continue till the 6th of January, when they celebrate the Epiphany.

  1. Paphos looks awesome in Christmas!

Everybody decorates the streets, their shops, and houses with bright lights, fake snow and anything else that is Christmassy and festive.

  1. Delicious Food

Cypriots fast for 40 whole days before Christmas day, thus you can imagine that their Christmas table is covered with amazing dishes they look forward to feast on! They feast on stuffed turkey, chicken, roast lamb, and pork. Desserts are lip-licking good as well, so make sure you leave room! Some amazing desserts are the traditional sweets named kourabiedes (almond cakes/biscuits that are coated in icing) or Melomakarona (honey biscuits covered with walnuts).

  1. Sunny wintery Christmas

Although temperatures may drop to 22 degrees, the sun never seizes to shine all-year-round! Enjoy a Christmassy atmosphere in a sunny country!

  1. Hit the countryside!

The majority of villages around the cities hold traditional markets where visitors can purchase homemade Cyprus specialities whilst exploring the quaint villages as well!

  1. Taverns & bars!

Want a night out? Hit the bars or taverns and enjoy a fabulous traditional dinner. Make sure you order the mezedes!

  1. Ayios Vasilis comes to town!

Did you know that kids in Cyprus have to wait till the 1st of January to get their presents from Ayios Vasilis (St. Basil)?

  1. The Vasilipoitta!

On New Year’s Eve, families gather and enjoy a lovely dinner, and at exactly midnight they cut the Vasilopitta, which is a cake with a coin inside. The pieces of the cake are shared amongst the family members and whoever finds the coin will be lucky throughout the year.

  1. Pomegranate Party!

During Christmas, pomegranates are eaten and used for decoration. They symbolise joy, fortune, fertility and prosperity!

  1. Christmas Service!

The Greek Orthodox Christmas service is different and beautiful to attend!

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