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10 Amazing Cyprus Meze dishes

What’s for dinner tonight?

Cyprus traditional cuisine is world-famous as being one of the most delicious cuisines in the world! The best way to sample traditional Cyprus dishes is trying the Cyprus Mezedes. In matter of seconds your table will be covered with more than 30 small dishes filled with Cyprus specialities, from fresh salads to delicious dips and main dishes just for you! We have put together 10 divine Cyprus specialities that will have you daydreaming of food once you visit Cyprus after the quarantine!

Let’s take a look at 10 delicious Cyprus Meze dishes and remember, we are not to blame if you find yourself craving for traditional Cypriot food…you will taste them sooner then later on your next holiday in Cyprus!

Scrumptious Ofto Kleftiko is a scrumptious oven-cooked dish made with lamb and potatoes baked with a mix of herbs until the meat is so soft and tender that it literally falls off the bone.

The amazing Souvlaki (kebab) you have all heard about is small cubes of pork or chicken served in Cyprus pitta bread with freshly cut salad, tahini, and pickles. Simply yummy!

Souvla, also a popular Cyprus dish, is made up of larger cubes of lamb and pork or pieces of chicken which are screwed and barbequed. Souvla is the most delicious dish of Cyprus as the charcoaled meat is marinated beforehand. When ready to eat the meat is served with fresh Cyprus Salad.

Sheftalia looks like a tiny burger, only much tastier! They are made with minced meat, lots of spices and herbs! They are to die for!

Halloumi cheese is Cyprus’ world-famous cheese. When part of the Cyprus Meze, this rich-flavoured cheese is served grilled. Grilled halloumi is perfect with a piece of spicy village sausage and Cyprus pitta bread!

Pastourma sausages are really really tasty but a tad bit spicy!

Koupepia are basically vine leaves stuffed with aromatic minced meat and rice. Absolutely divine!

Karaoli Yahni is a favoured dish made up of tiny snails which are cooked in tomato sauce with lots of herbs. It doesn’t sound much yummy, but the taste is truly amazing! In fact, snails are one of the island’s prized delicacies!

Tahini is a delicious dip made up of sesame seeds, garlic, lemon juice, cumin, and olive oil. It is usually accompanied with souvlaki; tahini is also delicious with pitta and halloumi!

Afelia is yet another delicious dish made of cubes of marinated pork, which are cooked with red wine, aromatic coriander, cumin and pepper! This dish is typically served with bulgur wheat pilaf made with tomato sauce and onion. The Cypriots call it pourgouri.

Are you dreaming of going to a Cyprus Tavern when all this is over? We sure are!