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The history of Limassol Carnival

One of the most popular and oldest festivals on the entire island of Cyprus. The Limassol Carnival involves the consumption of meat and wine, satire, dancing and singing – especially serenades – as well as masquerading and dressing up in various fancy dress costumes. It’s a blast all around and will definitely put you in your fun-time spirits.

How did it all start?

The Carnival celebration has documented that its origins in Cyprus began in either the Lusignan and/or the Venetian periods.

Originally, the pagan festival was celebrated on the entire island. The simple and traditional celebration involved big banquets of food and drink, Cypriot folk dances and songs (mainly “tsiattista” poetic duelling) and improvised last-minute dressing-up since people couldn’t afford ready-made fancy dress costumes and they used to make the most of clothes and props at their disposal. With the passing of time, however, the Carnival became strictly associated with Limassol, as it became an annual celebration unique to Limassol, forming an integral part of the city’s identity and tradition.

Nowadays, the traditional parade and celebrations take place annually, around February time, lasting for two weeks and starting from Tsiknopempth. Every year a new Carnival Queen / King is announced and many events (Pellomaska competition, Carnival photo exhibition, parties etc) take place all over the town, especially at Anexartisias and Castle Area. It’s an amazing experience for any new visitor to the island. Make sure to attend during your next stay in Cyprus during February/March!

A small parade for the kids takes place on the first Sunday and a big one for adults on the second Sunday. Makariou Avenue closes down during these days for the carnival float which mostly satirizes the political and modern life in Cyprus.

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