Zakynthos is a kind of magic

Greetings to all travel enthusiasts! For a long time now I have been practising hard to become a magician. All these years and the hard training have paid off and now I am ready to perform my first magic trick. Today I will perform first class mind reading and I will reveal to you your next holiday destination. You may not even know it yet but your next vacations will be in Zakynthos.  The most beautiful Greek island with the green valleys, the sandy beaches and the translucent blue sea of the Ionian.


Gerakas beach lies in the southern part of Zakynthos and it is one of the most attractive beaches of the island. It is 18 kilometres away from the capital and consists of a long sandy beach that ends in a small promontory that is famous because it is made up of clay. It was used by tourists for mud therapy but today this part of the beach is closed since many visitors pulled off the clay making the ridge unsafe. The beach is a protected Marine Park because the turtles hatch here and from May to October you have the possibility to admire this special spectacle. The large cove, the clear waters and the golden sand create an idyllic landscape and Gerakas Beach is perfect for swimming, snorkelling and sunbathing.



Cameo is a tiny island off the shore of Laganas and it is a tranquil area that is accessed via bridge and the pathway leads to a beach bar that plays the coolest music. The cove and the whole scenery is extremely beautiful and here you can relax, enjoy your swim and have a drink away from the hustle of the more developed areas in Zakynthos. There is an admission of 5 Euros and it includes one drink. During the summer plenty of wedding ceremonies take place in this romantic cove and for those interested, you can book a local wedding planner to assist you and take care of all the details.

In the village of Kampi, on the top of Shiza cliff dominates the huge white Cross of Kampi that is made up of white stones and was erected in memory of the victims of the civil war and those who lost their lives during World War II. Shiza cliff offers breathtaking views and memorable sunsets. From the top, you can gaze at the infinite blue sea and the Seal Gulf that lies underneath. It took its name from the seals that visit the marine caves to breed. Once in the area make sure you pay a visit to the small mountain villages of Kampi and Exo Chora. There are many taverns and cafeterias for you to sit down and absorb the beautiful surroundings.


This is all, for now, my dear fellow adventurers. In conclusion please remember that life is short and beautiful and it is strictly up to you to enjoy it and live it to the fullest. Zakynthos awaits…