Welcome to the magical oasis of Zakynthos

Greetings to all travel enthusiasts!

If you haven’t heard about Zakynthos then let me just tell you that it is merely a small oasis dropped in the Ionian Sea. A simple Google search is more than enough to comprehend the pure beauty of this amazing holiday destination. The combination of lush green valleys, steep hills, clear blue waters and silky sand guarantees a memorable trip into a magical world of another dimension. A trip that you should definitely make at least once in this lifetime.


Navagio Beach is the number one attraction and the symbol of Zakynthos. The view is absolutely incredible with great surroundings and the water is absolutely fantastic with a unique blue colour that is brighter than the sky. It is best to go to the beach with a boat tour and then have a look from the cliff. This way you can take lots of fantastic photos and capture the splendour from all angles.

7604931646_5403fb38e9_bPorto Limnionas Beach is an amazing crystal clear bay that is great for relaxing. You can get there by car and there is a big parking space available. The sun loungers with the umbrellas offer the possibility for a long stay but it is recommended to arrive at the beach before 12am in order to find vacant sunbeds. If you want to grab a bite there is also a local tavern that will provide you with the necessary food and drinks. Besides chilling, Porto Limnionas Beach is great for snorkelling and there are many caves for you to discover.


Agios Dionisios Church is well worth a visit as it is of great historic value and the resting place of the patron saint of Zakynthos. It is a lovely old church near the port area that is charming both inside and outside. The saint is buried in a silver coffin in a chamber near the rear entrance and is highly regarded for being good at curing diseases. The church is adding to the charm of the town and at night it becomes more beautiful with the marvellous lights screening onto it.

This is all for now my dear fellow adventurers. In conclusion please remember that life is short and beautiful and it is strictly up to you to enjoy it and live it to the fullest. Don’t waste any time and raise the anchors for an extraordinary trip to the oasis of Zakynthos.