This summer all roads lead to Rhodes


Greetings to all travel enthusiasts! Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese group of islands and a most popular tourist attraction that gathers more than 2 million tourists per year. The sheer beauty, the rich history and the quality of service merge together to forge a compelling magnet that fascinates and draws even more people to its vast wonderful coastlines. Rhodes is set up like a small country of its own and is the perfect island for all forms of tourism by offering a wide array of activities and recreational possibilities. Whether you are looking for nightlife, sun and relaxation, a walk in history or some much sought after precious family time then all the roads lead to Rhodes.

The island is gifted with natural beauty that can be witnessed all around but a must visit should be the location of Seven Springs. It is rightfully characterised as the oasis of Rhodes and it lies 25km away from the capital. It is a magical place filled with greenery and imposing trees that are perfect for walking and provides a great escape from the outside world.

There is an outflow of water from the Seven Spring all year round carrying it all the way to a beautiful lake that was created by the Italians to provide water to the nearby village of Kolymbia. The lake can be visited through a narrow tunnel that goes on for about 150 meters and at some point, it goes underground. Seven Springs is a really cool place and a paradise for nature and bird lovers.

There are ample beaches for you to visit throughout Rhodes but once in the area you should take advantage and head out to Kolymbia Beach.  Take the Eucalyptus road that leads to the small cove that is very well maintained and is fully organised with sunbeds, umbrellas, kiosks and a water sports centre. The water is crystal clear and although the area is undergoing a tourist development the beach at Kolymbia is calm and peaceful. Feel free to enjoy an ice cold beer and the sun.

The Byzantine Church of Tsambika is also nearby and it stands on top of the hill overlooking the beaches at Kolymbia and Tsambika. Great location to take your photos and to witness the breath-taking views of the island. To reach the church you have to climb all of the 350 steps and according to folklore, the Lady of Tsambika had healing powers. Women having problems in conceiving should go barefoot and pray and the Patron Saint will bless them with the gift of having children. The children born after ‘the miracle’ are then named after the church and it will come as no surprise to hear the name Tsambikos or Tsambika during your holiday stay in Rhodes. The name day of the church is celebrated on the 7th of September and a large party/fair takes place in Tsambika village.

Greeks are well renowned for their outgoing character and their love of life. Rhodes is no exception as it has to offer a buzzing nightlife and you can have lots of fun at the various bars, clubs, taverns and restaurants. Each one offers a unique and different type of entertainment but the outcome is still the same. You have the option of a wild party, romantic nights or learn how to dance the famous syrtaki in the various local taverns.

This is all for now my dear fellow adventurers. In conclusion please remember that life is short and beautiful and it is strictly up to you to enjoy it and live it to the fullest.