The cultural side of amazing Corfu

Greetings to all travel enthusiasts! Corfu is an all-time favourite holiday destination as it is one of the most attractive Greek islands that offers the complete holiday package with sandy beaches and great holiday resorts. Corfu is also rich in culture and history and thanks to its strategic location it has been conquered and ruled by many civilisations. During its glorious past, it has served as a financial and cultural centre of the region that prospered in the fields of arts and trade. So let’s make an exception and look beyond the obvious reasons to visit. The natural beauty of the island is world famous and there are plenty of activities waiting for you when you land there. Today we shall have a closer look at the cultural perspective and the brilliant museums that are definitely worth your visit.

Casa Parlante Museum is a private establishment in the historic old town in Corfu that started operating in March 2014. The 19th century mansion has been converted to an alternative museum that stands out from the conventional norms of a classic exhibition hall. As you enter the mansion you are greeted by the servant welcoming you to the Count’s house. Visitors can stroll through the Casa Parlante and be transferred to a previous era as they discover the way of life from the perspective of a noble Corfiot family. Animated figures with robotic technology and the exact replication of furniture and decorations are taking you on a private tour and an insight preview of Corfu’s past. Everyday life is depicted in front of you as you embark on an experience filled with sight, sound and smell. Have a look at the Count reading his newspaper, meet the Countess, listen to the children singing and smell the food that the cook is preparing. Casa Parlante offers a top quality service and certainly this is a cultural museum that will not bore your kids.

The Mon Repos Palace is a top attraction in Corfu and can be found on Analipsis Hill in the area of Kanoni. It stands on the place that the ancient city was located and it was built in 1826 by the British Commissioner as a token of affection and love to his beloved wife. It has been used by all British Governors of the island until 1864, the year when Corfu was finally united with Greece. Although smaller in size than most palaces the Mon Repos is a fine display of architecture and today it has been restored to its former glory and used by the Corfu Municipality as a museum. Inside you will have a look at cultural and historic treasures of the Ionian Islands whilst the gardens and the surrounding park are a much welcome bonus towards your visit. It is a nice place to unwind and cool down beneath the large old trees in addition to taking some great photos of the alluring blue Ionian Archipelago.

Another hidden treasure of Corfu is the Museum of Asian Arts that was founded in 1927. It is housed in the majestic Palace of Saints George and Michael and it is the only one of its kind in Greece. The massive private collection of approximately 10000 pieces was donated by Mr Grigoris Manos to the Greek government in 1919. Upon your visit, you will come across some striking Chinese porcelain vases, Tibetan artwork, Indian sculptures, Japanese drawings and many other wonderful Asian treasures. The museum itself is a pleasant, unexpected surprise and a great experience.

This is all, for now, my dear fellow adventurers. In conclusion please remember that life is short and beautiful and it is strictly up to you to enjoy it and live it to the fullest.