Protaras, the Dream Holiday Resort

We have all dreamed of jetting off to a tropical island where the sun shines and the waters sparkle for miles on end right? What if you know the faraway tropical island dream is not so far away after all? Protaras is the new hot summer destination that makes your dreams come true! Stay tuned and find out all you need to know about dreamy Protaras!

Fig Tree Bay is one of the favourite beach spots amongst beach lovers seeking for the perfect wave. Mesmerizing emerald waters and velvety-golden sands make up this pictorial beach, transporting all its visitors into a dreamy-like state!

Made up of tiny golden cove encircled by soaring pine-covered cliffs, Konnos Bay is every beach lover’s dream setting. As you are heading for the beach, remember to stop for a second and soak in the jaw-dropping views of the bay from up above. The glistening blue waters are bound to mesmerise you!

Standing on a 100-metre tall hilltop, looking towards the blue Mediterranean Sea,  lures the hopeless romantics into its web. Prophet Elias is one of the top most romantic spots on the island, a place where lovers take the big step and say I do, while the sun hits the horizon creating a magical fusion of colours throughout the sky.

Who wants to swim with dolphins? Go on; let’s head for the Protaras Ocean Aquarium! The famed Aquarium takes you and your friends or family on a thrilling underwater journey where you all get to meet more than 400 sea-creatures. Get ready to face the sharks, laugh at the seals and swim with the dolphins! All in all, get ready for a unique experience!

The amazing National Forest Park, Cavo Greco, offers its avid visitors lots of exciting things to do and see! Old and new visitors enjoy the park’s wonderful natural walking trails, hidden sea caves and breathtaking sea views. Some looking for adrenaline rushes jump off the cliffs in to the water!

That’s all for now folks! Stay tuned for more on our destinations. Till then, have fun in Protaras!