Jet off to Rhodes!

Hello travel enthusiasts! This summer we propose you jet off to Rhodes. This is why:

The island’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that lures every visitor in exploring its cobbled stoned alleys while marvelling at its medieval buildings and cultural heritage.

Rhodes famous Monastery of Panagia Tsambika lies on a hilltop and attracts visitors for a number of reasons. Besides the amazing view visitors enjoy from the hilltop, Panagia Tsambika is home to the icon of Virgin Mary which many years ago a shepherd found due to a striking light that indicated the whereabouts of the icon. This is after all the reason the monastery was named Tsambika since the word translates to spark.

Tsambika Monastery is also considered as a miracle worker as according to legend barren women who climb the 300 steps to the monastery barefoot are granted a child. This is the reason there are lots of people named Tsambika on the island.

The Thermal Springs of Kallithea a must-visit when in Rhodes. Since antiquity the Kallithea Springs have been known for their therapeutic properties attracting visitors from all over the world who seek to experience the benefits of the hot water flowing out of the rocks.  The Italians fully developed the thermal springs in the 19th century. Petrio Lombardi, an Italian architect designed the premises. The inspiring design in combination with the pebbled-stone mosaics, the marvellous terrace and Rotanta Hall are absolutely amazing to look at. Besides the thermal springs, visitors can enjoy the crystalline blue waters of Kallithea Beach.

That’s all on Rhodes for now, stay tuned for more!