Holidaying forever in stunning Crete

Greetings to all travel enthusiasts! The time has come for you to take a long break and truly explore the vast beauty of Crete. There are so many activities and so many places to visit in Crete that you will wish there was a magic way to freeze time and keep the holidays going on forever. It is a fairly large and extraordinary island in the Mediterranean Sea with a population of around 700,000. The magnificent landscapes, the rich history, the beautiful beaches keep people coming back year after year. Irrespective of age and taste you will definitely find something special in the sunny island of Crete.

One of the most visited places is the city of Chania and the amazing Old Town with the picturesque Venetian harbour. The Old Town stands on the prehistoric site of Kidonia that was once greatly developed by the Romans. Here you shall witness the rich history and walking along the narrow paved roads you will find ancient Venetian mansions that became charming cafes, restaurants and shops. In the souvenir shops you can get equipped with Cretan handicrafts, homemade sweets as well as everything traditional and Greek. The public museums are nearby, they are open to the public and include the Maritime Museum and the Archaeological Museum.

The stunning Venetian Harbour was built for protection against the pirates and for the much needed commerce which was the specialty of the crafty Venetian merchants. The grand Lighthouse of Chania stands tall at the entrance of the port and is one of the most distinctive landmarks of the island. It was initially built by the Venetians but was later renovated by the Egyptians.

During your stay in Crete you will be amazed by the number of churches and monasteries that exist and pop out almost everywhere you go. Pay your respects at some of the religious establishments and get a feel of the Cretan culture and belief. Chrisoskalitissa Monastery is one of the most well-known Orthodox female monasteries and it is located 70km southwest of Chania. It is very close to the resort of Elafonissi and the monastery was constructed upon a hill that overlooks the Libyan Sea. The name in English means golden stairs and it was named after the 90 steps you have to climb to reach the Chrysoskalitissa church. According to tradition those who are righteous and faithful will see the final step as golden. A significant religious painting that depicts the death of the Virgin Mary and dates back 1000 years is on display at this small and lovely church.

Crete is blessed with wonderful beaches and resorts with Elafonissi Beach being one of the most famous. You can easily combine a trip with a visit to Chrisoskalitissa Monastery. Elafonissi Beach is an oblong and often water breaks up the beach into two parts giving the illusion of two separate islands. It is a mile long beach with much to explore and a number of small bays and rocky formations towards the end.  The sand has a strange yet perfect pink colour and the water is crystal clear. The beach is fully organised and you will find everything you need including lifeguards station, umbrellas, air showers, changing rooms and snack bars.

In conclusion please remember that life is short and beautiful and it is strictly up to you to enjoy it and live it to the fullest.