3 Treasures in Limassol

Limassol is a coastal city in Cyprus where tradition and modernity go hand-in-hand. The popular tourist resort flows with history and culture, golden-brown coastlines, and exciting cultural festivals. Limassol is a city that dazzles its visitors, day and night offering diverse landmarks to visit and things to do from sports and entertainment to natural settings and the glorious blue Mediterranean right at your feet!

4 Reasons to Visit Zakynthos

The beautiful Ionian Island of Zakynthos has long now made it in the top holiday destination list of our times. Why visit Zakynthos? Those who have already had the pleasure of holidaying on the island will have lots and lots to say about its striking golden bays, natural landscapes, cultural heritage, and fascinating historic sites.

5 Reasons to Say Oui to Destination Weddings!

First things first-CONGRATULATIONS for getting engaged! Having said that it’s high time we get down to business! Now, we all know that a bride-to-be dreams of this moment her entire life, right down to the last details, like what heels she’ll wear! The more you think about your wedding day the more you realise you don’t picture yourself saying I do at home. Images and flashes of exotic destinations by a golden bay, with the sound of waves in the background during sunset pop into your head! We’ve got news for you…this ain’t happening unless you plan on having a Destination Wedding!