Old Perithia – the Ghost Village

The ghost village of Old Perithia is tucked away on the north side of Corfu, hidden on the hillsides of Mount Pantokrator, about 650 metres high. Exploring Old Perithia is just like taking a time travel trip into the past.

The timeless village was initially inhabited during the Byzantine period in the 14th century. Inhabitants chose to dwell within the mountainous village in order to protect themselves from enemy raids and invasions such as piracy. Pirate raids continued up until the end on the 19th century. After the pirate raids stopped, people began to move to the coast of the island, where the tourism industry started to boom. As the island’s tourism started to thrive, more and more people left Old Perithia, leaving behind a handful of elderly who took care of the land, livestock and homes. Old Perithia is currently home to 5 elderly locals.

Old Perithia is wonderful for all those looking to take a sneak peek into the island’s past. The impressive Venetian-style homes and public buildings are remarkable architectural wonders that transport all its visitors to a fairytale-like time.

Old Perithia is encircled by eight churches which accentuates how deeply religious the Old Perithians were at the time the village was filled with life. The entrance of the village’s elegant school has a coat of arms on it belonging to noble family. The school was open till the mid 1900s.

Visitors longing to wander through the alleys of Old Perithia may book a bus trip or take a drive up the mountain.