4 + 1 Reasons to Visit Crete this Summer!

Crete is mini-Greece. Literally all you love about Greece is found in Crete, only in a smaller version. No matter how you are holidaying in Crete, with friends, family or partner, the island is set to spellbind you immediately. Whether it is the island’s rich cultural background, magical charm, warm and hospitable locals or sun-kissed bays, crystalline waters and inspiring sights, Crete is magical. Whatever the reason, Crete has been and will continue to be one of the top all-year-round holiday destinations in the world! Let’s take a look at a few reasons:

Elafonissi Beach is by far one of the most precious and picture-perfect bays in the world. Elafonissi Beach is known for its white-pink sands and crystal clear waters which seem to have been taken out of the Caribbean! Lucky wanderlusters may even get the chance to see dolphins in these waters!

Crete is famed for being the home of the renowned Minoan Palace of Knossos, which in fact is the most ancient city-kingdom found throughout Europe. The city-kingdom actually dates back more than 3500 years ago. History and culture buffs are amazed as they wander through the palace’s grounds. Besides, this is where the mythical legend of the Minotaur took place!

The Samaria Gorge National Park is all the reason you need to hop on a plane for Crete. The 10-mile natural park, which overflows with natural sites, is a sight for sore eyes. If heaven was on earth, Samara Gorge would be it! The park overflows with wonderful waterfalls, rare flora and fauna, mountains as well as unique wild animals such as the famous Cretan goat we all know and love, the Kri-Kri!

Mili Gorge is an equally amazing and stunning gorge as the aforementioned. The gorge’s trek guides you through a deserted and quaint mill village, where you will be transported to ancient times as you uncover the tiny churches, huts and landscapes of a past busy and successful village. On top of it all, you get rewarded at the end with an abundance of local delicacies filling up the table at the tiny tavern you find at the end of your journey.

Spinalonga Island was once home to all exiled lepers in Greece. Today the island is one of the most interesting attractions in Crete as curious travellers take a short boat trip from the island’s eastern coast to Spinalonga in order to wander through the Spinalonga’s ruins. You get to see the isle’s famous Venetian Fort and quaint Turkish and Venetian huts that tell stories of those infected by the disease that devastated the world hundreds of years ago.

That’s all for now on Crete folks! Stay tuned for more stories on the Greek Islands!