3 Top Landmarks in Corfu

Are you looking for the idyllic destination for your summer holidays? The answer to this question is, pack your bags and go to Corfu! The Greek island is the most beautiful island you will ever have the pleasure of visiting! The island is perfect and offers tourists a manifold of activities to engage in, beaches to laze on and landmarks to visit. Corfu is undoubtedly one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Europe. There is ample to do while on the island! We have put together 3 top landmarks everyone should visit when holidaying in Corfu!

Visit Liston! The grand and aristocratic buildings decorating Spianada Square were designed by the French in the 1800s. These truly architectural gems now house stylish and elite restaurants and charming cafes, where locals and tourists alike sit and enjoy a meal or coffee while watching the world go by. Relax and enjoy the view overlooking the famed Spianada Square.

Visit Mon Repos! Mon Repos Estate which lies in Paleopolis, is a symbol of love and a gift given by the British Commissioner of the time to his Corfiot wife. At present the outstanding building is home to the Paleopolis Museum of Corfu. The fascinating museum exhibits an art collection, furniture and official documents revealing the cultural and political history of the island!

Visit the Old Castle of Corfu! The Old Castle is the most famed fort on the island and its history is closely intertwined with the history of Corfu. The grand 600-metre-tall castle stands on a rocky peninsula and has two peaks, dating back to the Byzantine era. The Byzantines were the first to construct the eastern peak of the Acropolis and baptised it the Sea-Tower. This was the time the ancient city of Koryfo was founded. Some believe that the island was named after the word Koryfi-meaning the peak. During 1402-1797 the Venetians constructed the main fortification which was surrounded by a moat. Under the castle there existed tunnels creating an underground passage way from the town to the castle.

There you go guys stay tuned for more on Corfu next month!