3 landmarks we love in Corfu

Think of Corfu and images of stone-built villages surging hills, crystalline blue waters shimmering in the sizzling hot sun and golden-soft sandy beaches pop in your mind! A visit to this island is a lifelong dream for many travellers, as the island offers breathtaking landscapes, golden-brown coastlines, ancient ruins and lots more! Let’s take a look at 3 landmarks you must visit when in Corfu.

Canal d’ Amour: All the romantics out there will fall in love with Canal d’ Amour (Canal of Love). The canal has been linked to many myths. The most preferred legend narrates that whoever succeeds to swim from one side of the channel to the other is bound to meet the love of their life! So before jumping into the refreshing waters of the canal, make sure you are ready to take the big step and tie the knot!

Old Fort of Corfu: The fort is the most famous fort throughout the island. The grand 600 metre-tall castle stands on a rocky peninsula and has two peaks, dating back to the Byzantine era. The Byzantines were the first to construct the eastern peak of the Acropolis and named it the Sea-Tower. This was the time the ancient city of Koryfo was founded. Some believe that the island was named after the word Koryfi (peak). During 1402-1797 the Venetians constructed the main fort which was surrounded by a moat. Under the castle there existed tunnels creating an underground passage way from the town to the castle.

Folkloric Museum of Central Corfu: The museum is made up of a two-storey traditional Corfiot house that exhibits artefacts used by locals dating back to the Venetians. The museum was founded in 1982 and is located in Sinadres Village. The museum is unique as it is a replica of a traditional middle-class, village home of the 19th century. It is often characterised as a real window to the past, reflecting how locals used to live on the island. The museum exhibits furniture, farming tools, traditional outfits and lots more.

Corfu Island is one of Greece’s gems and a real utopia to anyone that has visited it. Pack your bags and off you go!